Specific Needs

Once again, as we are beginning to get the camp grounds ready for our summer sessions, we have special needs that continue to present themselves as items that we are not able to cover with our small monthly budget.  We are so thankful to the Lord that he continues to sustain the ministry of Del-Haven in such a way as we can operate without charging a single child to attend a camp session.  We have included some of the special items that we know will be needed to be covered again this summer.  We are so thankful to the Lord and to those of you who have prayed with us and even given toward meeting the extra needs we had last year.  After 65 years, many of our buildings are showing their age and are in great need of maintenance.  You will notice, that the Lord has already began providing for the needed repairs in the kitchen area and the shower house.


  1. Van Rental to transport campers from Kansas City ($200/week x 6) = $1,200
  2. Chemicals for the swimming pool ($200-300/week x 10) = $2000-$3,000
  3. Recreation/Craft/Program Supplies = $400
  4. Many of our buildings (6 cabins, Dining Hall) need a new coat of paint = $900.00. $201 has already been given for this project.
  5. Kitchen Cabinets = The current estimate we have is $6,700. $4,129.92 has already been given for this project.
  6. Shower House updates and repairs = currently have $3,800 toward this project. The estimate, though not finalized, will probably be about $1,200 more.


2017 Camp Schedule

**Online registration will open soon for staff and campers**

Our 2017 Camp Schedule is as follows:
Staff Training – June 5-7
Session 1- 6 to 8 Boys and Girls – June 19-22
Session 2 – 9 to 12 Girls – June 26-29
Session 3 – 9 to 12 Boys – July 10-13
Session 4 – 6 to 8 Boys and Girls – July 17-20
Session 5 – 9 to 12 Girls – July 24-July 27
Session 6 – 9 to 12 Boys – July 31 – Aug. 3

(Contact Sheri DeSchepper at 816-690-8465 or sheri@campdelhaven.org if you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering this coming summer.)

Specific Needs

Specific Needs
It continues to be both a challenge and a blessing to operate a faith work in these times. Our budget keeps getting smaller and smaller, our needs seem to be greater and greater, yet we continue to be able to operate by God’s wonderful grace. We thank the Lord for all He has done and continues to do to sustain us, and many of you have shared with us in it. It is quite a testimony when people ask about camp and we are able to tell them that the ministry operates with no charge to any child, that all our workers are all volunteers, and our monthly support comes from a small, but faithful, group of friends and local churches.
We are currently, however, only able to meet the basic operational needs for camp. We have some specific needs where we could use a little extra help with funding to help get us through the summer camp sessions. If you would like to give toward one of these specific needs you can designate your gift by mentioning one of the following needs listed below.
Van Rental to transport campers from Kansas City ($200/week x 6) = $1,200
Chemicals for the swimming pool ($200-300/week x 10) = $2000-$3,000
Mattresses ($100 x 8) = $800
Recreation/Craft/Program Supplies = $400
Vacuum Cleaner = $100-$200
Many of our buildings need a new coat of paint = ???????

2016 Camp Dates – Ministry Opportunities at Camp Del-Haven

We are still seeking staff members to volunteer to work with the campers this summer. If you or someone you know (age 15 and up) may be interested in a ministry opportunity this summer, please refer to the camp website at www.campdelhaven.org, call 816-690-8465, or email sheri@campdelhaven.org.

We are also available to come and speak to groups who may be interested in hearing more about opportunities for ministry.

2016 Camp Dates

June 6-June 8 Staff Training
June 20-June 23 Session 1 (Boys and Girls 6 to 9)
June 27-June 30 Session 2 (Girls 10 to 12)
July 11-July14 Session 3 (Boys 10 to 12)
July 18-July 21Session 4 (Boys and Girls 6 to 9)
July 25-July 28 Session 5 (Girls 10 to 12)
Aug. 1-Aug.4 Session 6 (Boys 10 to 12)


As we venture into our 64th summer of ministry, we are thankful to see that God continues to sustain us in His work. Each Spring we do a walk-though of the campground and make lists of needed work, repairs, and replacements. And, each year we notice more and more how much our buildings and maintenance equipment are showing their use and age. Our current budget, based on donations, does not leave much, if any, room for many of the needed building repairs and replacement of equipment. It is important to us to not only be able to meet all of the monthly financial obligations we incur, but to also be able to provide nice/safe facilities and grounds for our campers. Financial donations are always welcome to help with these extra Spring work projects. Of course, there are also other items that are always in need:
Bleach Dish Soap Dishwasher Soap Laundry Soap
Lg. Trash Bags Sm. Trash Bags Toilet Cleaner Window Cleaner
Furniture Polish Shower Curtains Rakes Brooms
Mops Floor Cleaner Fishing Equip. Weed Killer

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