Praises and Prayer Requests for December 2017

We hope and pray for all of you, dear ones, that this special time of year will be filled with a worshipful celebration of our most wonderful Savior and Lord. I hope you all receive this prayer letter better than what happened with our Thanksgiving letter. It was mailed in more than enough time to reach you all before Thanksgiving, but ended up just sitting in the Kansas City post office – completely ignored and unprocessed. I am so sorry that turned out the way that it did. Please pray with us that this doesn’t happen again. Nevertheless, we can rejoice that our sovereign God’s timing is, also, always perfect. It’s things like this that are just another reminder of where we are in this fallen world.

The work on our showerhouse and rest rooms is going to be delayed until the weather once again warms back up. That particular building is not heated. Still, things are going very well on the project. In the mean time, the men can put their concentration on the kitchen where we do have heat year round. Lord willing, we will be getting the rest of the cabinets for the kitchen before the end of this month. So we will have something to report on the work in regards to that project in our next newsletter. Please continue to pray that these much needed projects will reach their completion just the way that our Lord has purposed and willed. Thank you so much for being there – praying us through all these matters.

Don’t forget to remember all the children and staff that have been so much a part of the ministry here at Del-Haven. We need to nurture the good seed of the Word of God that has been sown in their hearts with our prayers. Remember – it is prayer that accomplishes what God intends to get done. Prayer paves the path of the Truth of God’s Word to perfect and perform the will of the Savior. Prayer is a wonderful way to demonstrate our love for God – and for each other. We sincerely love you all and thank our Lord for you and seek from Him to continue to provide, protect and guide you. May God richly bless you.


Praises and Prayer Requests for November

Well, dear ones, it is once again Thanksgiving time! And, all of us here at Del-Haven pray that you have blessed experience in your celebration with your friends and family. This truly is a favorite time of year. Let us thank our Lord abundantly for it.

The work in progress on the shower house and restrooms is going just great! We thank and praise our wonderful Savior for the skillful labors of the men from First Baptist Church of Oak Grove. They are doing a splendid job! God is so good!

It is still unfolding what the Lord is doing where the much needed renovation of our kitchen is concerned. It is literally awesome to see what is coming together in regards to the provision of that project. Please remember to pray with us for the Lord’s continual testimony of His leading and supplying.

Please remember in your prayers all the children unto whom Camp Del-Haven – by the grace of God – has ministered. Thanksgiving season can be a time of added adversity in a broken home. Pray that the Holy Spirit of grace and truth be unto them all – a Spirit of comfort and joy in Him. Also remember those that are a part of our staff. Satan is especially the enemy of anyone who is called to labor for the Lord. They need our continual prayerful intercession before the throne of grace.

We continually give unto the Lord God all the glory and praise and thankfulness — for all of your faithfulness to prayerfully support this ministry the way that you do! We love you and we pray for you. Thank you for being there.

Specific Needs

Once again, as we are beginning to get the camp grounds ready for our summer sessions, we have special needs that continue to present themselves as items that we are not able to cover with our small monthly budget.  We are so thankful to the Lord that he continues to sustain the ministry of Del-Haven in such a way as we can operate without charging a single child to attend a camp session.  We have included some of the special items that we know will be needed to be covered again this summer.  We are so thankful to the Lord and to those of you who have prayed with us and even given toward meeting the extra needs we had last year.  After 65 years, many of our buildings are showing their age and are in great need of maintenance.  You will notice, that the Lord has already began providing for the needed repairs in the kitchen area and the shower house.


  1. Van Rental to transport campers from Kansas City ($200/week x 6) = $1,200
  2. Chemicals for the swimming pool ($200-300/week x 10) = $2000-$3,000
  3. Recreation/Craft/Program Supplies = $400
  4. Many of our buildings (6 cabins, Dining Hall) need a new coat of paint = $900.00. $201 has already been given for this project.
  5. Kitchen Cabinets = The current estimate we have is $6,700. $4,129.92 has already been given for this project.
  6. Shower House updates and repairs = currently have $3,800 toward this project. The estimate, though not finalized, will probably be about $1,200 more.


Praises and Prayer Requests – April

Special recognition needs to be given to our faithful friends at First Baptist Church in Oak Grove, MO for their continual show of financial aide in helping us to meet the goal of renovating our kitchen. We praise the Lord so much for their show of love unto us. May the Lord, in turn, bless them abundantly for this (Lk.6:38)!

Please remember to be in prayer for the children that our God sends unto us this summer – as well as for those that He would have to be on the front line as far as our staff is concerned. We have learned that it is prayer that He uses to accomplish His perfect will and good pleasure.

Praises and Prayer Requests for March

Well, dear ones, the mild and comfortable weather we’ve been having has all our trees and bushes confused. They don’t know if it’s Winter or Spring(!)…but I like it. The birds are all singing and everything. Of course, it is March in MO and anything can happen. I must say, I have seen it snow pretty good in May. So, we shall see what the sovereignty of our Lord unfolds.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Plans are being laid for the much needed renovation of our Restroom and Shower Facilities. We really do need to get this done before camp begins. Lord willing this will happen. Please be in prayer in regards to this project. Also, pray for us as well where our kitchen is concerned. This is a task that we plan to seriously tackle after our camp season ends this Fall. As the Lord leads and supplies in answer to our constant prayers – we will continue to persevere.

As always, dear friends, remember to pray for the children that our Lord sends to us this year. We want to have their way here and their way back to where they came from paved with prayer for the Lord to make His Word a lamp unto their feet. And, pray also for whomever the Lord sends to be on our staff this year. This is always a real need in this ministry. Please be in earnest prayer for the ones who will be ministering on the front lines in this spiritual battle!

From the Camp Journal

2016 Camp Journal
Now, another entry from our 2016 Camp Del-Haven Journal:


The last little kids week has been great! It’s so hard to believe that the camp year is almost over! At staff meeting this morning, Sheri made a remark about how we really haven’t had any “bad kids” this whole year, and boy was she right! Almost all of the campers I’ve met this year have been such a blessing in the way that they’ve had good attitudes, learned the verses and songs and participated in the activities.
On one hand – it’s sad that camp is almost over – but it is so amazing and inspiring to see God’s work in the lives of children. Isaac Richardson

Dear ones, please pray for Isaac. He has been such a positive asset to our staff. Pray that the Lord continues to use him for His glory out here at Del-Haven. The children just love him.

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