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2016 Camp Journal
Now, another entry from our 2016 Camp Del-Haven Journal:


The last little kids week has been great! It’s so hard to believe that the camp year is almost over! At staff meeting this morning, Sheri made a remark about how we really haven’t had any “bad kids” this whole year, and boy was she right! Almost all of the campers I’ve met this year have been such a blessing in the way that they’ve had good attitudes, learned the verses and songs and participated in the activities.
On one hand – it’s sad that camp is almost over – but it is so amazing and inspiring to see God’s work in the lives of children. Isaac Richardson

Dear ones, please pray for Isaac. He has been such a positive asset to our staff. Pray that the Lord continues to use him for His glory out here at Del-Haven. The children just love him.

Prayer Requests for February

Well, dear friends, at this particular time we are only 7 weeks from our first work Saturday to prepare for our 2017 Del-Haven Camp season. We are embarking on our 65th year of bringing the gospel to children! All glory and thanks be unto God our Savior!

Our 2017 Camp Schedule is as follows:
Staff Training – June 5-7
Session 1- 6 to 8 Boys and Girls – June 19-22
Session 2 – 9 to 12 Girls – June 26-29
Session 3 – 9 to 12 Boys – July 10-13
Session 4 – 6 to 8 Boys and Girls – July 17-20
Session 5 – 9 to 12 Girls – July 24-July 27
Session 6 – 9 to 12 Boys – July 31 – Aug. 3

Please use this as a guide as you continue to faithfully lift up in prayer everything that is involved in this pure gospel announcing endeavor. Pray for all the children whom our Lord will send to us to hear the gospel and pray for all the staff – the soldiers that He will have recruited to engage in all the rigors of meeting the enemy head-on every day throughout the camp season. Pray for the Lord to be our strength, our patience (endurance), our shield and our buckler – just as His Word says. Finally, pray that He will be eternally glorified through it all. Thank you, dear ones for being there.

The 2016 Camp Journal

Here is another entry from our 2016 Del-Haven Journal:

“Well this whole week has not gone as I planned. Coming out to camp was not even on my radar till Jeff got a hold of me. He expressed the need for another man to help out. I had planned to be at home resting from my long trip, but God had other plans.
As of today camp has gone so well. No fights or rough situations. Most boys even say, ‘Yes mamm’, and ‘Yes sir’ when being asked to do something. Jeff could not get through his whole Bible study that he had prepared for the second time because they had so many questions. Jeff and I were talking about it on the way to dinner, then we thought about today’s memory verse: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” [Pr.16:9]
It’s just been great seeing the hand of God active and using us to speak into these boys lives. I look forward to the next two days and seeing what our Lord will do.” John Norris

John was a surprised addition to our staff help this last summer. We were so thankful that the Lord provided him the time and the inclination to fill such a vital need in our staff and camp schedule. We do serve a truly great Savior!

Praises, Prayer Requests, Projects – December

Well, dear friends, we have come down to the end of another year. 2016 has been endured and survived by the grace and goodness of our sovereign God. It is by His enabling power that we trust in Him, and Him alone. The grace of genuine faith manifests itself in all our prayerful petitions for all His strength, supplies and sustenance that continually gets us through each day. That being the truth, we wish to thank and praise Him for all of you that have faithfully and prayerfully journeyed with us for however long you that you have. We love you, and we do not neglect to lift you up in our prayerful pleas for our God to abundantly bless you.
You all have a wonderful and a very Merry Christmas!

As we undergo the transition into 2017 – Please remember all the campers and staff that have played a vital role in 2016. Those that have just been introduced to Camp Del-Haven as well as all those that become out steady regulars year after year. Pray with us that the Lord will bless them and keep them and cause His face to shine upon them – and give them peace. And, especially where our staff help is concerned, pray that if it is the Lord’s will, that He will bring them back to help us in 2017.

Praise the Lord, He has provided the full amount for us to be able to be able to replace the motor for our gate. We thank and praise Him for hearing and answering our prayers.

From The 2016 Camp Journal

Now for another tidbit from our 2016 Camp Journal. Here are two entries from our own Sheri D. that was entered at approximately the end of June:

“I received an encouraging email from one of the parents who sent her daughter to camp for the first little kids camp. She thanked us, but also expressed how happy it made her to be able to hear her daughter sing her camp songs…‘songs of faith’ as she referred to them. She said she sang them all over the house: in the shower — in her room, etc. It’s a wonderful thought to know that the adults in this house are hearing what this little girl went home with in her heart.” Sheri

“One morning during the girls camp we were sitting around the tables for our morning staff meeting, and as we got ready to start our prayer time, I looked around and suddenly realized that many of our girl staff members were former campers. These campers I used to pray for each morning and I am now praying with them. To God be the glory for the great things He has done!” Sheri

Praises, Prayer Requests, and Projects – November

Praises, Prayer Requests, and Projects

Well, dear ones, by the time you receive this month’s news and prayer letter we will have had an election in our country for the leadership of our nation. May our Lord be pleased to deliver us from a corrupt and oppressive environment. Whatever will have happened in this regard — we need to be in continual, earnest prayer! And, especially, in this particular regard, please continue to remember Camp Del-Haven in all your praying. Be assured that we will be praying for you as you pray for us.

Pray for our children that, for the most part, are completely oblivious to the importance what this election means where they are concerned. The “god of this world” is busy blinding unbelieving and unwary eyes from beholding the light of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that the power of God will protect and preserve all these youngsters from being overwhelmed by the ways of this fallen world and the Evil One and his seed. Pray for us as the battle intensifies.

Remember, if you will, the projects that we are saving for to be able to accomplish. Like the renovation of our restroom and shower house for the campers; and, also, the remodeling of our kitchen. We have yet another prayer request where our gate into the camp is concerned. When we installed the gate a few years back be put in place a solar powered gate that conveniently opens and closes via an opener. Well, the motor for the gate went bad and we are faced with an inflated cost as to replace it. It will take right at $500. We have received $250 from our dear friends at Pleasant Grove Bible church designated to go toward the total cost (Praise the Lord). Please pray with us that our Lord will send in the necessary remaining balance so that we can install a new motor for our gate. Thank you.

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