Already — high expectations and grand anticipations — have been positively expressed for Del-Haven’s up and coming 2013 summer camp season. In spite of the dramatic moral down turn of our culture and society — we are encouraged by the way that our God continues to answer prayer — in daily meeting our needs. This means that we do not ever forget to thank our Lord God — for all of you — and your faithfulness — in praying for us — and in sending to us your financial support. May we remind you that — every dollar given — goes directly to the needs of this — the Lord’s ministry. The $85,000 loan — which we secured at the bank for the new water lines — and the lake project — has been — by God’s grace — and to God’s glory — paid down to $51,501. We all know how tight and cumbersome the economic times have become. That is why it is literally like a special guiding light from heaven to receive your thoughtful gifts — whenever you can send them. God’s way is truly perfect! [Ps.18:30] And, there is nothing that is too hard for Him. [Je.32:17]