How To Become A Del-Haven Volunteer

Camp Del-Haven is a mission work that relies heavily on the volunteer service of God’s people, 15 years and older, who are interested in working as camp counselors. If you have a desire to serve at Camp Del-Haven in this capacity, it is essential that you fully understand the level of dedication that is necessary for our staff members.

Camp Del-Haven can invite five campers for every trained counselor who serves during an entire camp session, so your dedication to completing this task is very important. The more staff members we have, the more children we can invite to camp in order to share the Gospel with them. Please pray about whether you will be able to fully commit your time and service to our training and camping sessions, and see where the Lord might be directing you. We do not want to turn a camper away because we don’t have a counselor available to supervise him or her.

Our staff training sessions start as early as May and are mandatory, so definitely plan on attending these sessions if you are committed to helping during any camp week. To better understand the commitment involved in volunteering at Camp Del-Haven, please carefully review the following requirements and expectations:


Our Volunteer Requirements

There are a few requirements that must be met by all of our volunteers working with children to assure that we have a committed, well-trained staff who can work within our camp program.

Must be at least 15 years of age (unless you are in our LTS [Learning to Serve] Program).


Make a commitment to be at the entire sessions for which you are available.


Attend required staff training.


Read and agree to Camp Del-Haven’s Here We Stand declaration and our Statement Of Faith


Sign the statement declaring that you have not been accused of or convicted of any form of child abuse or child endangerment.


Have a personal testimony of God’s saving work in your life.


Abide by the dress code — Only one piece bathing suits for girls (or swimsuits where the mid-section is covered), shorts must be long enough that they come to your fingertips when your arms are hanging down at your sides, no mid-drift shirts that show the mid-section, and no spaghetti strap tank tops.


Be willing to serve the Lord.


Our Volunteer Expectations

Be present for all required training.


Be respectful to other counselors, special guests, and campers.


Be willing to do what is asked of you whether it is helping in the kitchen, cleaning up a mess, sitting with a crying camper, etc.


Encourage, uplift, and pray for staff and campers.


Be present at all activities, including morning staff meetings. An exception will be made if you have been given a break.


Make sure that the campers in your cabin are present and on time for all activities and meals.


Be certain that every camper leaves with all of their belongings and camp crafts.


Help in cabin clean-up after the session is over.


Phone use should be done during your break and limited to what is important and necessary.


Be willing to take directions from the Head Counselors. They have many years of experience and are dedicated to the Lord in this ministry.


Be prepared to do all that you are scheduled to do. Do not give your responsibilities over to someone else. If there is a problem, talk with the staff administrator.


No “special” relationships among staff members.


Do not leave your campers unattended — they must be supervised!


All counselors must be in their cabins by 11 PM.


Spend as much time with the campers as possible and know where they are. They are the reason we are here!

Call 816-425-0460​ to get more information.


Sovereign Grace Fellowship Breakfast

Meeting every two weeks on Saturday morning

Time: 8:30 AM

Location: Hy-Vee in Raytown

Bible study, prayer, and breakfast! Call (816) 425-0460 for more information.

Contact Information

Camp Del-Haven
887 NW 1901
Lone Jack, MO 64070
(816) 425-0460