Praises and Prayer Requests for January 2023

Winter is upon us! Bitter cold wind chills necessitates the layering about us much warm clothing! Nevertheless, the snow makes the campground truly beautiful. This time of year also reveals the trees that we see we need to cut down and then cut and split up for the wood stove. The usual routine tasks of our ongoing maintenance program here at Camp Del-Haven. It’s something that we have gotten used to over the last 7 decades.

We want to be sure to thank the Lord for all of your prayers and support that has been faithfully sustaining us through this present stringent inflationary economy. We pray for all of you in these times as well – that God will continually bless and keep you.

The New Year also holds for us another prayer filled hope of witnessing our Lord’s unceasing and loving work of the ministry — that only He can do — in the lives of campers and staff alike. Please continue to be faithful to pray with us – especially – in regards to this reality. It has become more obvious than ever that the Enemy has been targeting our children to lead astray – ensare – and ultimately devour! After all they are the most vulnerable of all. Please pray for them that they be rescued from being swallowed up with the sham of this world – and with their own lusts of the flesh! Your prayers in this regard are absolutely vital in our sovereign God’s accomplishment of saving them from the enemies of their souls. We need as well to be in prayer for each other in this way!

We must also remember to pray for our great country. Our sovereign – and in complete control – Lord is exposing more and more the deep seated corruption that has been brewing and active all around us! This new year needs to be stimulated with an even stronger resolve to constantly seek from our Savior a closer relationship with Him! After all – this, indeed, is how we grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ! This is what we should strive to do each new day of this New Year. This is exactly what 2Pe.3:18 exhorts us to do! Remember, Peter writes this right after vs.17 from where he is led of the Holy Spirit for us to be warned – by saying: “…beware lest ye also being led away with the error of the Wickedfall from your own steadfastness.”  May God be pleased to deliver us all from this!

2022 Contribution Notices will be mailed out before January 31st.  Please contact us if you if you have any questions.  


Praises and Prayer Requests for November 2022

We have come, once again, unto a most Blessed Time of  the year: Thanksgiving! And, we from here at Del-Haven want to wish you all a wonderful and a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a time of year, remember, that for many of our children that come from unusually adverse circumstances that they are not able to enjoy the more typical loving family environment that most of us are looking forward to. Therefore, please be in earnest prayer for all the boys and girls and many of our staff that are included among this particular group. Our Loving Lord God is, indeed, the “God of Peace” and the “God of all Comfort” – and He, alone, can communicate to His own exactly that  no matter the adversities that they will have to face! Let us pray for all the children and young people that will face that experience – especially at this time of the year. Thank you in advance for doing so. We love you for being there with us at these times.

Also, please remember us in particular during this excessive inflationary time. The expenses that we are all facing are abnormally high. This is putting an extra strain upon us as a result. Please pray with us in regards to this reality. Your continued prayerful support is much appreciated!


Praises and Prayer Requests for September 2022

The beautiful Autumn time of year is once again blessing our surroundings here at Camp Del-Haven. It is, indeed, nice to be greeted with some familiar realities – in this ever changing and constantly challenging world. God’s incessantly praying people are – (by Him) made to be able to stand strong and firm in the face of whatever this world may throw at them. Let us continue to seek our Lord for anything and everything that we need. He is our Rock! He is our Strength! He is our Surety! He is our Provider!

With that in mind please continue to pray for our Staff and campers that must face and contend with the wiles of the Enemy. The high inflation of our present economy definitely makes things more difficult to deal with, but nothing ever takes our Great God by surprise. That is why we follow Him – and Him alone! Our God shall supply all our needs – according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” [Phil.4:19]

Our prayers have been made – and answered —  in reference to Sheri who had to undergo some surgery for a cyst that adversely affected her ankle. We praise the Lord that she seems to be recovering and healing quite well. Please pray for her complete and perfect recovery.

Thank you for your faithful and prayerful support of this ministry. We have received many kind comments expressing how happy to see that we were able to have regular camp sessions this year. We give all the glory to our wonderful Savior – for everything!


Praises and Prayer Requests for July 2022

Well, dear ones, our being led of the Lord to return to a full schedule of camps is proving to be a great thing indeed! We have had some wonderful moments once again. Wonderful – because we have witnessed the very presence and moving of the Spirit of God. Please continue to pray for our staff and, of course, our campers. This is an ever ongoing need for us in this ministry. While this sinful world continues – the Spiritual Warfare does also continue to rage all around us. But Praise the Lord we walk through all the trials and temptations – in His all glorious and all victorious and all overcoming Grace!

We have had a couple of unexpected and expensive obstacles that we needed to immediately address. Our commercial window unit air conditioner in our kitchen wore out. And, in the heat wave we have been experiencing – we had to search for another one in spite of the fact that this was the worst time of the year to be shopping for an air conditioner! Nevertheless, because of your wonderful prayerful support of Del-Haven we found one and were able to buy it. It put us back a little over $650. Next – wouldn’t you know it – our gate opener (and closer) wore out! Not now, O Lord! We are now experiencing record inflation! But, our God is bigger than our troubled world. Once again, through His perfect provision through you all – we were able to replace it with a new one. That was an expense of right at $470. Because we have you prayerfully supporting us – these sort of things work out just the way Ro.8:28 describes: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love Godto them who are the called according to His purpose.” He continues to demonstrate His faithfulness through you all. We love Him – and we love and pray for all of you as well.


Praises and Prayer Requests for June 2022

Well, Praise the Lord – dear ones – He has led us through a wonderful kick-off in our returning full season of camps here at Del-Haven! Please be in earnest prayer for the rest of the Summer. Christ Jesus is also our only hope of Victory! In fact, He is our Victory!

Our first camp of precious 6 to 8 year olds gave us many reasons for us to rejoice! The little gems were just wonderful. In fact, our young staff – proved to show some real promise that they are growing more mature in the Lord. This observance is being made by virtue of watching them as they guide the campers throughout the agenda of the Camp Del-Haven Program. We are not only encouraged in this – but we also can truly sense the many prayers that you all are led to be making for us! Thank you –  please keep it up!

Dear friends, we are experiencing the bitter/sweet reality of the Lord’s calling home one of our most loved. Jerry Hall (Jeff’s Dad) spent over two decades on the board of directors of Camp Del-Haven. He was a real asset to the entire operation! He could do everything! I remember having to call him – again – seeking his expert direction in some complex matter – and hearing him tell me, “John – I hope I live long enough for you to learn how to do all these things!” And, the sad reality is – that he didn’t. He passed into glory on Sunday, June 12, at the age of 81. We ask that you remember the Halls’ in praying for the Lord’s comforting presence at this time. We thank and praise the Lord our God for Jerry’s “holy calling” to be a vital part of Del-Haven!



Praises and Prayer Requests for May 2022

Well my dear family in Christ, things are developing in a genuinely positive way toward our being able to forge on into having a full season of camps! Praise the Lord! Already, we have right at 50 children all signed up for coming to camp. And, the work on getting the campground well groomed for them is making some real progress. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to prepare. The Lord is hearing and answering in His Great Faithfulness. What an awesome God He is! Please pray that the hearts of all the children that our Lord sends to us will be opened and prepared to effectually hear the Good News of the Gospel of the glory – only – of the Lord Jesus Christ – the only sovereign Savior Substitute that there ever was – is – or, ever will be! “Hearts” opened by the Lord are “hearts” that are prepared to receive the Lord. That’s what we earnestly pray and strive for to take place by God’s grace. Do not forget what Paul said about his own ministry: But by the grace of GodI am what I amand His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vainbut I laboured more abundantly than they allyet not Ibut the grace of God which was with me!” [1Co.15:10Please pray that we, too, will minister according to God’s ever enabling and enacting grace.

Please continue to pray for our Staff Help (and helpers). We really want only those to respond whom our Sovereign God has ordained to serve Him and be the ones to fill all our staff needs. One of the most difficult tenets of scripture to follow is the one that says: He that believeth shall not make haste.” [Is.28:16]  Our “waiting on the Lord” is tantamount to our “loving Him”. Compare Is.64:4 with the way that Paul is inspired to quote in 1Cor.2:9-10. So, therefore, pray for a staff who are truly called to a Holy Spirit loving humility to serve Him in dealing with these children.

Dear ones, we have a special prayer request. Pastor Randy Messer of the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove has suffered a stroke. We need to lift him up to the Lord in prayer for his healing and complete recovery. He is in Centerpoint Hospital.

We love you all for your prayers and faithful generous support.