Praises and Prayer Requests for December 2021

My dear friends and family in Christ, the end of 2021 being right upon us – let us not forget to continue to earnestly pray for the children who have been in the hearing of Del-Haven’s gospel preaching camp program. Please pray that our sovereign Lord will be pleased to allow us to be able to hold regular camp sessions once again. Pray for the boys and girls and also for our staff leaders and helpers. Nothing is too hard for our Lord. He can lead us victoriously through this whole ordeal!

From what we have experienced during this difficult time is indeed amazing! Our new thrust of ministering the gospel to family groups has been very rewarding as well. We may be able to incorporate a few sessions of that in addition to having regular camps. Pray with us – for the Lord’s leading in this regard. We love the opportunity of being able to proclaim the gospel to the whole family as well.

Again, we want to express our sincere thankfulness unto the Lord God for the way that you have maintained your much needed prayers and gifts during these last two years. By God’s great grace you have been so marvelous in hanging in there with us! We just Praise the Lord for all of you!

You are continually in our prayers. We love you – and wish all of you a wonderful and meaningful Christmas Season.


Praises and Prayer Requests for November 2021

Well, dear ones, we are once again approaching another Holiday Season – and once again we ask that you all please remember to pray for the children that have been through the Del-Haven Ministry during this time of year. For many of the boys and girls are from broken homes – this time of year serves only to remind them of what they don’t have…a loving, stable and safe relationship with their families. This is precisely what the pure truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ announces unto them! A Relationshipan eternal Relationship – with the Heavenly Father – and the Holy Spirit of Godthrough an ever present Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ –  their Kinsman Redeemer! Del-Haven is not a Camp Ministry that seeks to just be a platform to promote Religion. No! We long to be used of the Lord to introduce children (and their families) to a lifelong reliable Relationship and walk with the Lord of lords and King of kings – Jesus, the Christ of Almighty God.

Please keep praying for us – that we will be able in 2022 to have regular weekly camps like before without all the divisive restrictions. This is what we are designed to do. This is the Lord’s ministry – He has been – and still is – totally in charge. Never doubt that fact!

And, when you pray for the kids, please do not forget to pray also for those that the Lord will send to us to fill positions on our Staff! They need to be sent by the Savior to do what needs to be done throughout all our camper days. God is absolutely sovereign and in control – and He uses the prayers of His children to accomplish His Will and Good Pleasure!  [See Phil.2:13]

We will continue to try to keep you informed of our needs as they unfold before us – just so you can pray with understanding for us. For the time being we feel we have done what’s necessary to maintain a safe environment for our buildings by trimming tree limbs and even removing some trees that were a real threat should they be blown over during a storm. The unexpected expenses to do that came to $4250. Please pray that this expense can be met. For just about 70 years, now, the only fund raising method that has ever really worked – is – We pray and God provides! Praise His Name! We are ever so thankful for all of you!

“Therefore if any man be in Christ – he is a New creature!

Old things are passed away; Behold – all things are become New!

And, all things are of God,

who hath Reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ,

and hath given unto us the ministry of Reconciliation.”



Praises and Prayer Requests for October 2021

As we come unto the final months of another year in the ministry of Camp Del-Haven – we find ourselves praying earnestly that the Lord will grant that we be able to – once again — have regular camp sessions in 2022. Make no mistake about it, our God is in sovereign control over all our circumstances – whether we judge them to be good, or to be bad. All our times” – have been, and are, in His hand for to do all His will and good pleasure. From Ps.31:15 David is inspired by the Holy Spirit to say: My times are in thy handdeliver me from the hand of mine enemiesand from them that persecute me.” Therefore, it is totally appropriate for us to prayerfully seek from God, our Savior, His deliverance from our adverse circumstances. Prayer is the activity of His yielded and still children as they exercise their patient waiting for Him to hear and to answer their desperate supplications! From Ps.50:15 God tells us: Call upon me in the day of troubleI will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me!

This is also why each and every month we need you — more than anything else – to continue to pray for all the campers that our sovereign Lord and Leader has sent to us to faithfully declare and deliver to them the pure truth of God’s everlasting gospel of His great grace. Like all of us – they need His daily protection, preservation and strength in order to make it safely through this fallen and sinful world. And, of course, please do not forget to pray for all of the young people that are our staff helpers. Don’t forget – all of us are in essence volunteers. This means that none of us are paid salaries. This means we are constantly facing turn overs where our staff is concerned. This is only normal. It is the Lord who also continues to supply this all important need (Phil.4:19)! Please do not forget to pray with us — in regards to this ongoing matter.

We give earnest thanks to our ever faithful God for your continual financial support whereby we are able to maintain the monthly expenses of the camp property and utilities. We recently had to hire some tree service professionals to deal with some additional real threats of having more damage occur on some more of our buildings. This situation we spotted after our attention was aroused due to what happened to the roof of our Cabin Two! We had to have 12 more trees cut down and four trees expertly trimmed in order to remove the real threat of damage to our Dining Hall, Restroom Facility, Shelter House and Jeff and Leslie’s Home. This put us back by $4250! This did not include the removal of the tree trunks and all the piles of brush. So, we are faced with the awesome job of cleaning up the mess. So, please pray that we safely see this task through to its completion. Thank you all! We love and pray for you.


“For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God

by the death of His Son – much more –

being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life!” [Ro.5:11]


Praises and Prayer Requests for September 2021

Well, dear ones, we are now experiencing some real nice weather. And, that means we here at Del-Haven can – more comfortably –  get things done around the whole campground. As we embark on the season of Fall – we anticipate the wonders and colors that will come with it. Already our trees are showing signs of becoming brilliant by the way they will reflect only what God can do with the splendor of the Autumn leaves!

My dear praying friends, our thoughts and prayers do continually go out to the children that have gone through our camp schedule that is literally filled up with the proclamation of the Word of  the Truth of the Gospel. For two years now – we have not been able to have a regular camp session. Please do not forget to pray concerning this matter. Pray for the children – and pray for our Country – and for that matter, our whole world! Pray that our sovereign God would be pleased to lift off of us this plague – as well as all of the lies that have been spun as the result of it.

Also, once again, please do not forget to pray for all of our helpers that have been so loyal to us in the way that they were looking forward to coming back every summer to serve the Lord in helping in our ministry. This has been beneficial in their Christian Walk as well as the boys and girls under their charge. Our hearts continually go out to these dear ones.

We want you to know how much we are so thankful to our Lord for all of you who have shown your continual support – both in prayers and gifts – throughout the stifling effects of the last two years due to the plague. Oh Lord! Please set us free from this untoward time! Do this for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.


Praises and Prayer Requests August 2021

Well, dear ones, as we come to another end of the camp season we are – naturally — somewhat perplexed about our future. However, like the song says: “I know not what – the future holds – but I know who holds the future! It’s a secret – known only to Him.” And, this is the reality. Our sovereign God is both Omniscient and All-powerful and He knows our needs before we do! We can (and do) trust Him. This is His ministry! We are His servants!

Once again, we want to tell you how much we thank you for your faithfulness in prayerfully supporting us. It is a great encouragement to know you are supporting us in your prayers and supplications.

Please continue to pray earnestly for all the children that the Lord has sent through our camp program. And, don’t give up on the real possibility that we will once again be able to implement our regular camp program. Of course, we must always pray, even when we pray for one another, remember to pray in the overall context of – if the Lord will”. So, please pray for our boys and girls – and please pray for our staff and their helpers – that they be safe from harm or sickness and that they be strengthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit!

Also, remember in your praying – pray for all the family groups that have responded to our invitations to come spend a big part of the day here at Del-Haven. Right up front I present the everlasting gospel unto them all. The last group we ministered to was the largest group yet! Fifteen people showed up – and all but four were brand new! The Lord may be introducing us to another whole new approach Del-Haven Ministry. Pray with us about this possibility. Thank you – we love you.


Praises and Prayer Requests for July 2021

Well, dear ones, we continue to minister to scheduled families that come out to Del-Haven for hours at a time to experience what a day of camp can include. From Bible Class to Campfire along with swimming and fishing and other outdoor recreation – which also includes craft making – the whole family can enjoy themselves while getting a taste of the Del-Haven Ministry!

As the Lord continues to lead and provide – we continue to plug along and proclaim the pure truth of His wonderful gospel message. Please keep us in your faithful prayers as we make progress as best we can.

We have some wonderful news to report concerning the huge hackberry tree that fell on our Cabin two. Some men from the First Baptist Church of Oak Grove showed up early Monday – July 5th – and replaced the whole roof of the Cabin! Not just repaired it – but replaced it! Once again, the Lord has provided for us an outstanding example of Eph.3:20-21! To God be the glory!

As a result of this good work, however, we do need someone with a machine (a skid steer loader) that can help us bury the shingles pile that we have left over. Please be in prayer with us where this need is concerned. We would greatly appreciate it.

And, of course, in your earnest prayers – please do not forget to include all the campers that we have ministered to – along with our staff leaders and helpers. This world is definitely not our ally. 

These soldiers in the Lord’s army need our continual prayerful support – just as we all do! May we be led by the Spirit to faithfully hold them up to Him who is our strength and shield.

Thank you – we love you.