A Word From The 2014 Staff Journal

Brittany, one of our girl staff members, wrote in our camp journal about her experience in helping us at one of our June camps:

“This week has been one of the best for me at camp — as far as being able to answer spiritual questions goes (lol). The girls are proud to say, ‘I believe in Jesus’ — and I pray they continue that.
Some of the girls had attitude problems, but I think it’s just a reaction to such a different routine. So many of these children are used to being ignored — verbally/Sexually/physically abused — so coming here they expect the same treatment. They want attention and negative attention is mostly what they receive, so they try to gain it. What a shock to meet people who are kind to them — and encourage them! I pray that the staff will remember that — and press on to be kind.
I’ve gotten so much encouragement from all the staff here over the years. God bless all the participants of Camp Del-Haven! You’re forever in my heart. Mary Lee — we miss you.” Love, Brittany

Dear ones, when we ask you to pray for our staff and the children that the Lord sends to us to minister to — this is just a sample of what you’re prayerfully supporting. Please continue to do so. The Lord uses your support to meet our needs!

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