Praises and Prayer Requests for May

Well my dear friends, it’s hard to believe that our 67th season of Del-Haven camps will be kicking off next month. Wow! Praise the Lord for His great faithfulness! And, He has appointed and ordained that all of you who are moved by His Spirit-of-grace to remember Del-Haven in your prayers have been a big, big part of this reality! We thank you – and we thank the Lord for you.

In keeping with that thought, we need your prayers once again for the Lord to provide both male and female staff help for this year so we may be able to accommodate all the children that want to come to camp. Remember we do not want more than a 1 to 4 or 5 ratio at the max between staff members and campers. So, if we have 30 children that want to come to camp – we need at least 6 staff members. This would fill up 3 of our 4 cabins. Please keep this in your praying with us (and for us) concerning these things. Remember – God’s Word tells us: “Except the Lord build the house – they labor in vain that build it!” [Ps.127:1]

Dear friends, please remember Jeff and Leslie Hall in your prayers. They have been completely moved into their home – but there is still some problem that they are having with their furnace and air conditioning unit. This needs to be fixed for the environmental conditions of their home. Although we are now out of the real cold temperatures, the extremely warm weather can be very uncomfortable as well. This is a real concern for them in regards to the continual care of their precious – yet severely handicapped — son, Nathaniel. Please pray with us for the leading of the Lord in the fixing of this special problem for them. Thank you – in advance – for doing so.

The Spring storms have been active this year.  Just recently we experienced strong winds which knocked down a tree , brought limbs down all over the campground and some which were hung up in the tops of the trees.  The panels under the trailers were also blown out.  Praise God, He delivered us from any real damage!  All the panels on the trailers we easily put back into place.  The tree that fell behind the cabin laid down in the woods right behind it. And, the Lord sent a good friend, Jeff B. to bring equipment to help trim the trees that were damaged so the area will be safe when the children arrive in a couple of weeks. 

A couple of people have asked about extra expense items we have in the summer months that you can especially donate towards as the Lord may lead you.  We have listed a few expense items, other than higher utilities, groceries, and insurance in the summer. We are so thankful to the Lord and to those of you who have prayed with us and even given toward meeting the needs we had last year.

  1. Van Rental to transport campers from Kansas City ($200/week x 6) = $1,200
  2. Chemicals for the swimming pool ($100-100/week x 10) = $1000-$2,000
  3. Recreation/Craft/Program Supplies = $400
  4. Shower Curtains ($9 X 17) = $153


Devotional for May 2019

[Hos.6:3] “Then shall we know – (if) we follow on to know the Lord. His going forth is prepared as the morning – and He shall come unto us as the rain – as the latter and former rain unto the earth”

That which we are examining now is the blessing this 3rd verse descriptively declares and the certainty of it being bestowed that is bound up with it. The verses that precede this third verse deliver to us the context that explicitly builds up to what is here being stated. Vs.1-2 says (lit.), Come and let us return to the Lordfor He hath tornbut He will heal usHe hath smittenbut He will bind us up (2) He will revive us after two days; in the third day He will lift us upand we shall live before Him.” Obviously this was the message given by our Lord unto Hosea for him to declare to His people. It is typical of the message that is needing to be declared unto God’s people today. It continues to be so amazing how relevant the Word of God is to the true people of God – in every generation. The healing balm of God’s grace of repentance serves to successfully steer us time and time again directly into the merciful, forgiving and restoring presence of our loving Lord. That’s what makes Hos.6:3 such a wonderful gospel text unto us! We need to be reminded of the gospel message of this verse over and over and over again as we sojourn through this fallen and sinful world! Hos.6:1-3 descriptively declares the Lord’s great faithfulness unto us even when we (like Israel) have been, at times, grossly unfaithful to Him and His Word.

From the very beginning verse 3 declares: Then shall we know”. This is a declaration of the sovereign certainty of God’s grace unto us! According to the immediate context of vs.1-2 – after our Savior tears and heals us – after He smites and binds us up – He then leads us down the very same path that He, Himself, had to walk, in His eternally saving us just so we, (lit.) before His face, shall eternally live! “Then” – as the Word of His grace says (in vs.3) – “shall we know.

That which is also very interesting is the fact that the word “if” that starts the next phrase is not in the original Hebrew. In our English, whenever we read a descriptive statement with an “if” clause – it most often means that the declared description is conditioned on the occurrence of the “if” clause. But, that is not what’s being said here. This passage is not conditional at all upon a response from a fallen sinner human being! What is being declared is an absolute certainty to take place — in a genuinely Christ-cleansed and a Holy Spirit-of-grace converted sinner-saved-by-grace true child of God. You know your Lord – and you follow on to know the Lord even more! When God begins to bestow His grace and mercy upon you – He will go on bestowing His grace and mercy upon you. That makes these words a genuine motivation for you to turn to Him as the context of this passage encourages you to do. Praise His wonderful Name!

It’s the Lord’s going forth on our behalf that brings these wonderful things to pass. Hence the text says that His going forth is prepared”. This word means that His going forth is (lit.) causatively appointed and rendered sure by God, Himself. The Word says that the Lord’s going forth is appointed and rendered as sure to take place – as the morning”. As sure as there is a setting of the Sun in this world – there is also a rising! God has fixed this to be certain to happen. And, here He says that His going forth on behalf of His people is equally as certain. In fact, He says that He shall come unto usas the rain…”. What does that mean? We will get into that certainty in our next newsletter. Until then – may the Lord richly bless you. Amen.

-For Christ’s Glory Only!

John Carpenter


Praises and Prayer Requests for April 2016

Praise the Lord!, dear friends, Spring is Here! The birds are singing – and what a wonderful thing it is to hear them when the dawn of a new day is breaking! Praise the Name of the Lord!

This time of year is always a busy, busy time. There is much that needs to be done just to be ready. The campgrounds need to be cleaned up. Dead trees need to be cleared. Repairs need to be done on the cabins, the craft building and the dormitory – all before the first campers arrive. Every camp season it is the same old routine…and, this will mark our 67th season! As always, please pray for us that all the proper preparation gets done.

More than that, however, we need your continual prayers for the Spirit of the Lord to be preparing the hearts and minds of all the youngsters that He will send to Del-Haven  to hear the pure saving truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!

This naturally means also praying for each of us that will be announcing the “Good News” unto them. We covet your continual prayers for the Lord to send us well-prepared staff members (both male and female) to serve on the front line for the Lord during each of our camp sessions. The ministry of Del-Haven is as much focused upon them as it is to the children. To God be the glory!

Our first work day (April 6th) will have already happened by the time this prayer/newsletter reaches you. Every Saturday beginning with the month of April is an open invitation to any and all whom the Spirit of God motivates to want to help us get things accomplished and ready for the summer. If you as an individual or with a group want to give a few hours of your time to help us – give us a call [816-690-8465] and come on out. We welcome the fellowship and the help!


Devotional for April 2019

“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord. His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain – as the latter and former rain unto the earth.” “For even hereunto were ye called – because Christ also suffered for us – leaving us an example that ye should follow in His steps – who did no sin – neither was guile found in His mouth.” [Hos.6:3; 1Pe.2:21-22]

A wonderful Bible teacher named, J.C. Philpot, so aptly wrote: “There is one feature in true religion perhaps not much insisted upon, but not the less real and genuine; which is this, that all true religion brings the soul into vital and immediate contact with God. False religion – on the other hand – only sets the soul at a distance from Him.” He goes on to say: “the saints of God breathe forth their desires after the Lord.” Then, a little later he concludes by saying: “In opposition to this – there is no mark stamped upon false religion more evidently and plainly than this in that it sets up a false god – an idol god – not perhaps a wood or stone representation – but a god adapted to the carnal mind – suitable to the natural heart – in a word, such a god as we see in all ages – blind, fallen man has worshipped. Thus, were you to analyze and examine all false religion – whatever its name or nature – you would find this feature stamped upon it, that it set up a false god for the true God – a false faith for true faith – and a false righteousness for a true righteousness – and thus worships an imaginary – an idol god – instead of the true and living God – the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.” In regards to these things, Philpot ultimately says: “Now we may be well assured, that nothing short of the work and teaching of God in the heart can ever pull down this false god – and set up in its place, ‘the only true God and Jesus Christwhom He hath sent.’ [Jn.17:3] ”

These observations by Philpot (1802-1869) are amazingly relevant to true believing sinners today! And, this is precisely what our text above from Hosea 6 is talking about. Sinners-saved-by-grace who have been quickened by the Holy Spirit and regenerated by a revelation of the Truth of the Word of God. It is these — who have truly received – by the grace of God – a genuine love of the pure Truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ (2Th.2:10). And, it is these – that are the ones who are being referred to by the 1st person plural pronoun we in Hos.6:3, when it says: Then shall we know…”. In addition, this divine clarification is even further “pin-pointed” and described by the next phrase: if we follow on to know the Lord!

There are whole lifetimes of following Christ that are being described in this one phrase! This is referring to the same thing that Ro.8:14 descriptively declares when it says: As many asare led by the Spirit of Godtheyare the sons of God”. And, who exactly are the many? The same as referred to from Acts 13:48: As many aswere ordained to eternal lifebelieved”. These are the same that are also being described from Eph.2:10: For we are His workmanshipcreated in Christ Jesusunto good works which God hath before ordainedthat we should walk in them.”

Truly following in the footsteps of Christ our Lord – is – growing in grace, and in the knowledgeof Him — as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – as we go! [2Pe.3:18] So, when we are being led by the Spirit of God, we can be assured that – by God’s saving grace – we shall be constantly goingand growing” — according to His will and plan to save us! Praise His Name!

We shall be looking even more closely to that which Hos.6:3 means when it says: His going forth is prepared as the morning”; and also: He shall come unto as the rain”.

For Christ’s Glory Only!
John Carpenter

Praises and Prayer Requests for March 2019

Well, dear friends and family in Christ – by the time you receive this month’s prayer/newsletter we will be much closer to Springtime (if not already in it). That is always a wonderful thing! Winter, it seems, is always pretty much a time of year that we are glad is over. Thank you, Lord.

We’re just a month away from beginning, once again, with our April Saturday work days in order to prepare for another season of camps. There is always much – physically speaking — that needs cleaning, fixing and straightening up before we start bringing the boys and girls onto the campground. Our Lord and Savior tells us to cast all our cares upon Him – because He cares for us – so please include all the maintenance tasks that need to be completed in your praying for us. Thank you.

Some potentially really good news is that a couple of churches have called and requested us to schedule a visit with them to speak to their young people’s classes about maybe helping us on staff for this summer. This open door to do that is, indeed, an answer to all our prayers! Thank you, Lord! Please continue to pray with us that we may successfully recruit some good candidates for both boy and girl helpers. It is so exciting – and so encouraging – when this sort of thing happens. Once again, Thank you, Lord!

Also, some responses through the internet have already come to us from campers who want to come to camp this year. Pleaseespeciallyremember to pray for all the children whom our Lord will send to Camp Del-Haven this year! Pray that He prepares their hearts to sit under sound teaching of the pure truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ. All our efforts to “evangelize” the souls that the Savior sends to us – will be completely fruitless without the Holy Spirit of God going before us and directing our path; and it is He that leads His people to earnestly and prayerfully seek Him to do so. He does it all! This is why you all are so important to us! Once again – remember – God has orchestrated it so that this ministry was founded on prayer – and it has been sustained for 6+ decades by prayer! Thank you, dear ones, for your faithfulness in praying with us and for us. We love you…and we pray for you as well.


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