“Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel – I am the Lord thy God — which teacheth thee to profit – which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldst go.” [Is.48:17]

There are many wonderful things that are to be gleaned from this precious text. For example, it is obvious from vs.16 that the speaker in this, vs.17, is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. For it says: Come ye near unto mehear ye thisI have not spoken in secret from the beginningfrom the time that it wasthere am Iand now the Lord God and His Spirit hath sent me.”  The eternal Son of God was the one that was covenanted by the determinant counsel of the Most High — to come, through His incarnation, into this fallen world to save all of God’s eternally loved and chosen children – for all eternity. He is, indeed, the eternal Redeemer! He is the one who has taught us about God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Even as the Christ of God in human image and likeness – He was still one in His being — with the Father and the Spirit. The Father commanded every word and deed that He said and did – and the Holy Spirit led Him throughout His every step in and through this sinful, fallen and cursed world. He is our sovereign, Savior/substitute! He is our propitiation! He is our eternal High Priest! He is our eternal Surety! And, as He was one in nature and purpose from eternity –  with His heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit — even so were they one throughout our Lord’s walk in this world. Nevertheless, they have always been – and always will be — three distinct persons with three distinct parts to play in the eternal fulfillment of God’s divine plan for our eternal salvation! Praise His Name!

 The Father’s part is seen in making sure that we are blessed with all the spiritual blessings that are necessary to secure the accomplishment of our eternal salvation. Ephesians one tells us that He has blessed us “with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ”. The Father’s blessings are bestowed upon us! Grace – like rain falls down on us! Just like the song we sing at camp says. We receive — all the spiritual blessings that the Father and the Spirit have eternally secured and sealed – in Christ! That’s what it says! Plus, the inspired epistle goes on to tell us that God did this – “…according as He hath chosen us in Him (that is: in Christ) before the foundation of the worldthat we should be holy and without blame before Him in love…”! That’s in His everlasting love! The love that Jer.31:3 brings forth. Which verse says: The Lord hath appeared of old unto mesayingI have loved thee with an everlasting lovetherefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” There is a common and often quoted adage among us fallen-in-sin humans that says: “Love conquers all”! And, among our various relationships – it is all too often proven to be false! But, not so with God. His love for us, indeed, does conquer all – even all sin and death! Because, as Jesus tells us from Jn.6:44 – No man can come unto me except the Father that sent medraw himand I will raise Him up at the last day!” The Father – loves us all to Christ!

 Where all of this wonderful grace of Jesus is concerned – Ro.8:14-17 declares unto us: For as many asare led by the Spirit of Godthese are the sons (the true children) of God. (15) For ye have not receivedthe spirit of bondage againto fearbut ye have receivedthe Spirit of adoption (that’s the Holy Spirit’s adoption of all of God’s true children) whereby we cry, Abba, Father!” And then it says from vs.16-17: The Spirit itselfbeareth witness with our spiritthat we are the children of God (17) and if childrenthen heirsheirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ!” Then it goes even further and says: if so be that we suffer with Himthat we may be also glorified together.” It is the Holy Spirit’s part – through the example of the Lord Jesus – to lead us in His steps through this fallen world – unto the Father of glory! Again, Praise His Name!

For Christ’s Glory Only!

John Carpenter

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