June 18-21 (6 to 8 year olds)
June 25-28 (9 to 12 year old girls)
July 9 – 12 (9 to 12 year old boys)
July 16-19 (6 to 8 year olds)
July 23-26 (9 to 12 year old girls)
July 30 – Aug. 2 (9 to 12 year old boys)

We have already begun to plan camper programs and activities of a little more variety for this coming year. There have been made some great suggestions that only need now to be implemented. The feedback that we have gotten from some of staff of recent years has been very encouraging as well. We are so happy that some of our best our planning to be with us once again. But — as we know that prayer is the accomplishment of God’s will — please be praying with us — and for us — that the Lord will lead us — even in all that we plan to do for Him. For we know of a certainty — that if we fill the description of the Word in acknowledging Him in all our ways — He will direct us in all our paths.

It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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