Our 60th Anniversary Banquet was a wonderful success! Every table was filled to capacity — we even had to break out extra chairs for the event! We want to thank all of you that came and made it such a blessing. We had an open mike for any person in the gathering that had a testimony of how that the Lord used Del-Haven as a means of His grace in their lives. There were shared many blessed experiences. It is marvelous to see and to hear what God has done!

Once again, we had book marks that were freely distributed — that had the names of children written on them whom the Lord had sent to camp. These were to be taken — and used as special reminders to specifically pray for them. This gets even our supporters — and the people who pray for us — directly involved in the ministry of the Lord in a child’s life. What wonderful thing it is. These young boys and girls need our prayers throughout the whole year — as they must face the pitfalls of life in a fallen and sinful world. I am certain we will ultimately see how our Savior used just such a simple thing as this — as an effective means of His great grace in His intervening in their personal lives and sustaining them.

Please continue to pray for us and our daily needs — and our staff — and all the children — as we continue to hold up the light of God’s Word of Grace in this dark world. May God bless and keep you all!

Marylee Carpenter played the camp song and gave testimony to how God revealed himself to a young girl and campers when a ring went missing and was discovered again in the Lake of the Ozarks.

A packed house of supporters, former/current staff and campers, and friends attended our yearly banquet at Pleasant Grove Bible Church.

Justin Dix shares stories from the first camp sessions.

Carl Brewer recounts special moments of prayer with Don Carpenter at Camp Del-Haven.

Mary Palmer is introduced as a former camper, staff member, and new board member. She gave a wonderful testimony about what the ministry at Del-Haven has meant to her and her family over the years.

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