As I write this — and by the time that you will most likely receive this — our first camp for Del-Haven’s 60th season of ministry will be underway. It is all by grace — that we have come this far — by faith — leaning on the Word! Just last week we had a most appropriate bible conference on the sufficiency of scripture. Our very existence is a testimony to the validity of this truth!

Over the years we have learned well that this is a good seed sowing ministry. Even in what has seemed to be a dramatic and instant work of grace in a person’s life — it is only by the proof of a true walk that has emerged has the real testimony of the Lord’s presence and power. We have existed long enough to see family generations affected by Christ’s ministry through Del-Haven.

As usual — once the camp season begins — it will be non-stop till school reopens. Please remember to pray for us — our staff and our campers — that the Holy Spirit will make His presence known in demonstration and in power — as the truth of the gospel of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ is faithfully and boldly proclaimed!