Well, our camp season has begun — and we have completed two camp sessions. And, thus far — your prayers have truly been marvelously felt and answered! We have had two wonderful sessions in which the glorious and gracious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has been faithfully presented — and also positively responded to. At the campfire session of the second camp (which was for older girls) there were many testimonies that were given — that were rich with the work of God in how He had captured the thoughts of these young ladies — and changed the direction of their thinking! More than one recognized that they have been on the broad way to hell — but now are on the narrow way to life everlasting in Christ! Effective preaching — God’s Word says — is “not with enticing words of man’s wisdom — but in demonstration of the Spirit — and of power.” We praise the Lord for the presence of just such a demonstration of His Spirit and His power!

It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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