A Word From The 2014 Staff Journal
Another very appropriate excerpt from our 2014 camp journal includes this one concerning an incident from our fifth camp week. It was a girls camp.

“We were having a time of testimony around the campfire with the girls. I asked them to think about what they enjoyed about camp and what they learned. One camper said that she learned a lot because she had never really heard anything about God before!
This really made me think about many things, but mostly I was thinking about what a great responsibility Christians have — and that we have as a Christian ministry — to share the Gospel. This girl was 12 years old and had never heard anything at all!
I always encourage the staff to be purposeful in their conversations with the campers and take every opportunity to share the Gospel. Thank you, Lord, for bringing these girls to camp — especially Kayley! As God always has a plan — she was on the waiting list all the way until the day before camp began. He always works out all the details for His glory!

It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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