It is a great time to reflect upon the many God given testimonies of this year’s ministry. For example, an unsigned entry in our camp journal for July, 2014 relates:

“We had 3 cabins full of girls this week at camp. About half were new campers and half had been campers in the past. I was so glad to see how attentive they were in each Bible class. One girl, Abigail, came up to me after each Bible class to ask me questions. It was obvious that she was really thinking about the things we were learning out here. This was her second year as a camper. I pray that the Lord will continue to put her in places to hear His word and that He will send people into her life to help mature the seed planted. May the Spirit quicken her to new life in Christ. This was such a good week and I’m so thankful to the Lord for sending out this staff of girls. I love how they have displayed kindness and the love of Christ toward the campers this week. I enjoyed our morning devotions and prayer time each morning before we woke the campers for the day. I pray that the Lord will continue to draw these young ladies to Himself — teach them through His Word — and strengthen them for the service for the Kingdom of God for which He has purposed them — whether it is now, here, at Del-Haven, or in the future. Thank you, Lord for your continued mercy and grace.”

This is another blessed entry into the historical records of what the Lord is doing with all of your precious prayers and support of this ministry. Thank you. We love you. Please continue to bear our burdens up before our loving and providing God.

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