Well, dear friends and family in Christ, we have arrived at the time of year for celebrating the union and communion of being a part of the America we have come to know and love. This, of course, is Thanksgiving Time. And, all of us from here at Camp Del-Haven want to lovingly wish all of you — our faithful prayer warriors and supporters — a very Happy Thanksgiving! We trust that you will be able to spend a holy blessed time of fellowship with friends and family – around a sumptuous meal – reflecting upon all the ways that God has born testimony to you of His presence and power in your lives. I can tell you for sure — that as we reflect upon these things in our lives — we will be thinking and thanking Him for all of you. You are each and every day, week, month and year — the Lord’s answer to our prayers! Thank you.

This ever present reality is often expressed during our camp season. For example here is another entry from this year’s camp season:

Little Kids Camp #2 — July 14-16 —
“We have 2 full cabins and one full dorm of boys. Chapel has gone really well. Most of the children seem really receptive to what Jeff and Sheri are teaching them. Jason is the most adorable kid I have ever seen (Layla is, too). Last night (Tuesday night) Jason was asking questions about God and being saved. It was great to answer some of his questions. We have been learning memory verses today (Ps.139:14) and it is a very hard one to teach because it is so long. It was hard for me to be patient with them because I knew the verse really well — so it taught me to be patient. There was one camper who didn’t know it very well so I said it with him for awhile so it was awesome to get to know him. At the campfire, I was sitting in between Jason and Nevaeh — and Nevaeh fell asleep on my shoulder. It was so precious. I will miss everyone so much! I’m realizing how this week is the product of so much prayer! It’s such a blessing! Isaac R.

Please remember to lift up Isaac before our Lord — for His ever present protective, providing and guiding grace and power over his life. He has been (and we continually pray that he will be yet again) such a valuable spiritual asset to us. Thank you, Lord! And, of course, along with him — please continue to pray for youngsters like Jason and Layla. They are just two examples of all the children that the Lord sees fit to send out here and into the hearing of His great and precious gospel — with its life transforming power. This is what is being accomplished through all of your faithful, prayerful support of Camp Del-Haven.

I thought I would be able to report to you concerning a much needed new roof on our dining hall patio, but that task has not yet been done. Please pray that the Lord will see this task through to its completion. We are so dependent upon Him for virtually everything! But, that’s alright — He is so very dependable and reliable!

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