Come Visit Us This Summer
-Open House-

Last month we published our summer camp schedule, and in lieu of an annual Del-Haven Friendship Banquet, this year we would like to have an open house cookout during one of our camp sessions so you can see what actually goes on during camp. Please pray with us where this is concerned. We are thinking of targeting our camp session no. 4 and in particular Wed. July 20th. We will give you more details as we continue to develop this idea. We would love to get your feedback concerning this as we are trying to open up a way for you all to get an even closer look at the ministry that our Lord has created out here at Del-Haven. This has never really been done before. What do you think about it? Give us a call: 816-690-8465 or 277-7071.

It's more than just campfires and marshmallows...

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