“O God, thou art my God! Early will I seek thee — my soul thirsteth for thee — my flesh longeth for thee — in a dry and thirsty land where no water is — to see thy power and thy glory. So as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.” Ps.63:1-2

This Psalm was written when David was in the wilderness of Judah. He knew hot and dry days — one right after the other. And, the Holy Spirit used that experience in his life to cultivate and convey how much he truly longed for the Lord to make His presence to be realized to his soul.

He says: “O God (Elohim — triune God), thou art my God” (El — singular form — God of omnipotence; God of strength and endurance). “Early will I seek thee…” Which denotes at the crack of dawn he sets out on a mission to find His God. This speaks of the love that He had for God — which, in turn, speaks more of God’s love for him (for we love God because He first loves us).

The intensity of this great love is articulated next. Even so is it expressed by how thirsty for Him he indeed is. He is thirsty for God’s presence and power and glory.
He is thirsty for God’s word which promotes the means of the true worship of God in Spirit and in truth — which every true believer loves to do. So much so that his flesh all but faints in pining away for God’s gracious power to show itself — to enable him to persevere and endure. For at the present time — he is indeed “in a dry and thirsty land where no water is”.

Water is a Semitic symbol for both God’s Word and God’s Spirit [Eph.5:26 and Jn.7:38-39]. And, in every true believer’s experience there are very real times of soul wrenching seeking for the water of word and Spirit. Times that serve to stretch their faith — and enhance the relationship with their Lord and Savior.

And, where else do we feel — do we sense that we are — the most content — the safest and most secure — where all our needs are met — but in the sanctuary of our God’s presence. Sanctuary is actually: Holy Place…where the mercy seat is — where our atonement — our redemption — our sanctification is eternally established — by Christ our God’s gracious person and work.

Here is where we truly see and understand His great glory and power in the eternal salvation of our soul. It’s all Him! He is the water that we long for — He is the strength that we lack — He is the power that proves to be sufficient to prevail over all the insurmountable odds that are against us.

Let us show ourselves to be His children by fulfilling that which is written in Pr.8:17: “I love them that love me — and those that seek me early shall find me.”

For Christ’s Glory Only!

– John Carpenter

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