Wherefore, holy brethren — partakers of the heavenly calling — consider the apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus…” He.3:1

With 2013 having already begun — along with all of the aspirations and resolutions that worldly wisdom promotes to make a positive impact upon a New Year — perhaps the exhortation of this verse should captivate our thoughts and desires. There’s not a more worthy person — than the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ — that could be more profitable for us to seriously consider — than He who is our sovereign/Savior substitute! So, instead of focusing all our attention upon ourselves — and all the vain ways that we feel we could improve ourselves in the coming New Year — let us by the Holy Spirit — look at, and more closely observe, that which our Lord is — and what He has already done — for us. Let us consider Him — who can eternally save us — and — not just change — but, transform our lives! And, according to this text — this will we do — if, indeed, we are truly His “holy brethren” — and are “partakers” — of His heavenly calling.

Let us consider — for this New Year — Jesus as the, “Apostle”, or the messenger, of the glorious good news — of all that He has done — to historically prove Himself to be Jesus, the Christ — the Anointed One — and our eternal Savior. The word, apostle, literally means: a delegate. And, in this context — someone who acts specifically as an Ambassador of the gospel of God [Ro.1:1]. Plus — definitively — this word does not fulfill its intended meaning for “apostle” — apart from also including the divine capability to perform miraculous powers. Works done — in order to substantiate the divine mission of the messenger. And, our Lord Jesus certainly did that> “…the works which the Father hath given me to finish — the same works that I do — bear witness that the Father hath sent me.” [Jn.5:36] “Believe me — that I am in the Father — and the Father in me — or else, believe me for the very works sake!” [Jn.14:11]
Let us consider — for this New Year — Jesus as being the High Priest of (lit.) our confession! He is — in fact — a most unique High Priest — in that He is “perfect”. It is His perfection that sets Him apart from all the other priests — throughout all the history — of fallen mankind! He.7:28: “For the law (lit.) appointeth men high priests which have infirmity (or, which have imperfection) — but the Word of the oath (The immutable sworn Word of holy God) — which was since the law — maketh the Son — who is consecrated [Or, lit. perfected] forevermore!”

This is another aspect that makes Him unique as the High Priest of our confession — He is our perfect and eternal High Priest! The Word of the oath of the Most High God — concerning His Son — is this: “Thou art a priest — forever!” How is this so?! He.7:23-24 tells us> “And they truly were many priests (or, they of the Old Covenant law of Moses) — because they were not suffered to continue by reason of death — (24) but this man (or, lit. “He”, Jesus, the eternal Son of God) because He continues forever — hath an unchangeable priesthood!”

So, therefore, throughout this coming New Year — let us consider Him who is the Apostle and High Priest of our confession — who is able to save to the uttermost — all them that come unto God by Him — in understanding that, He — being made perfect — because we needed to be made perfect — became the Author of eternal salvation unto all them that hear and believe Him — and, He ever liveth to make eternally effective intercession for them.

For Christ’s Glory Only-
John Carpenter

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