“It is the Spirit that quickeneth – the flesh profiteth nothing – the words that I speak unto you – are Spirit and are life!” [Jn.6:63]

“…God hath chosen…things which are not – to bring to nought things that are – that no flesh should glory in His presence. (30) But of Him – are ye in Christ Jesus – who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption: (31) that according as it is written – He that glorieth – let him glory in the Lord.” [1Cor.1:29b-31]

“I will cry unto God Most High – unto God – that performeth all things for me. (3) He shall send from heaven and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up! Selah. God shall send forth His mercy and His Truth.” [Ps.57:2-3]

We are now ready to look at the rest of  1Co.1:30 in regards to Christ Jesus being made unto usrighteousness and sanctification and redemption”. First of all – the three words, But of Him” – who is this referring to? It is referring to God – the Three in One God! In fact, the God/man, Jesus Christ, is said from Col.2:9-10 to be full of the Godhead in His human body — and, we are complete in Him! Which, in essence, is declaring the same wonderful truth that is being brought forth in 1Co.1:30. So, by God’s doing are we in Christ Jesus who is made unto us everything else!

God’s perfect Righteousness” – that makes us approved and accepted to be allowed into God’s holy, holy, holy presence is – in His perfect Wisdom” – included. Christ is our all and in all(see: Col.3:11). This is the magnificent context that explicitly describes what this means. And, this is all brought to pass by Christ Jesus. For He (God in His Three Persons) hath made Him (the God/man, the Lord Jesus Christ) to be sin for uswho knew no sinthat we (all His chosen lost sinner/children) might be made the Righteousness of Godin Him.” (2Co.5:21) This is how He becomes to us: The Lord our Righteousness(Jer.23:6).

Next, 1Co.1:30 tells us that Almighty God has made Christ Jesus unto us – our Sanctification”. The scriptures tell us from 2Thes.2:13 that, God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through Sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the Truth.” And, remember Jesus tells us from Jn.15:16 that we — have not chosen Him – but He has chosen us –  and ordained us that we should go and bring forth fruit –  and that our fruit should remain — that whatsoever we shall ask of the Father in His NameHe may give it to us! We have been set apart in His Holiness! How great and wonderful is that! How does our Lord God do this for us? Jesus also prayed to the Father from Jn.17:17 Sanctify them through thy Truththy Word is Truth”. And, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life  – no man cometh unto the Father, but byChrist. Then He says in Jn.17:19 And for their sakesI sanctify myselfthat they also might be Sanctified through the Truth.” Hence, it is Christ’s Sanctification that is also our Sanctification! Why are we Sanctified? We are Sanctified – not because of our will, but because of God’s Will – 1Th.4:3> For this is the Will of Godeven your Sanctification…”. Every aspect of our eternal salvation – is not a religious work, method, or maneuver of some sort, it is entirely a Person. The Person and Work completely and entirely by the only Sovereign Savior Substitute that there ever – was – is – or ever will be the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise His Holy Name! For by One offering He hath perfected forever them that are Sanctified.” If it’s not all Christ – it’s all wrong!

Next time – we will look squarely at how our Savior is also entirely our eternal Redemption.

For Christ’s Glory Only! – John Carpenter

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