As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord — so walk ye in Him. (7) Rooted and built up in Him — and established in the faith — as ye have been taught — abounding therein with thanksgiving.” Col.2:6-7

Paul is here writing to a church that — as far as we know — he had never visited. He is — in this text — also explaining some precepts of true Christian walk and worship that will be evident in and among all true believing Christians.

Faith, indeed, is an integral aspect of “receiving” the Lord Jesus Christ. But, even faith is a grace that only God — can and will — bestow upon all those that He has given unto Christ to redeem and save them from their sins. Faith is the divine means whereby a person realizes that they are accepted by God in the person and work of His eternal Son who came into this world to be their divinely appointed Savior and Substitute. They receive — by the grace of faith — the truth of their having been saved from God’s eternal holy wrath against their sins through their Substitute’s walk — and their Redeemer’s sacrifice — who is both one, and the same Christ. Therefore, does scripture say: “For by grace are ye saved through faith — and that not of yourselves — it is the gift of God” and “All that the Father giveth me — shall come to me — and him that cometh to me — I will in no wise cast out”. [Ep.2:8; Jn.6:37]

We are saved by God’s grace — and, by the same means of grace — we are “rooted in Him” and “built up in Him”. What is true of one — is also true of all of those that are given by God to His Son, their Savior. Collectively, all of the saved are said to be like trees — planted by the rivers of water. Trees of righteousness — whose fruit will be seen in its season. And, it will be eternal fruit — that will never spoil. For it will have the eternal Savior, Christ Jesus, as its root! They are also regarded as God’s building — God’s temple — God’s house. God is the builder — and He has laid as a foundation — His eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ! No other foundation will do for the holy habitation of God. Among this company alone will there be found the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit of true worship!

Next we see that those that have truly received Christ — will also be “established in Him” (i.e. in “the faith” of Him). Receiving Christ is the beginning of a learning process that concerns who He is as their Savior and Lord. One becomes stabilitated in the sound doctrine of the saving truth of the gospel of God’s great grace. This learning process — fills up the life and walk of the true believer in Christ. And, it becomes the source of an abundant exhilaration and joy — and thanksgiving — for all the times and experiences that they have of added illumination in the revelation of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

By grace, do we receive Christ Jesus — and by grace, do we walk and grow in Christ Jesus — all to the praise of His glory!

-For Christ’s Glory Only!
J. Carpenter

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