[Jer.31:3] [Eph.3:17-19] [2Co.5:14-15]

(11) “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord, thoughts of Peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (12) Then shall ye call upon me – and ye shall go and pray unto me – and I will hearken unto you.(13) And ye shall seek me — and find me – when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the Lord – and I will turn away your captivity…” [Jer.29:11-14]

The scripture references above the Jer.29 text — are what last month’s devotional touched upon. They are all obviously scriptures that describe and explain something of God’s great love for each of those whom He has determined and decreed to be eternally chosen, redeemed and saved by His great grace. In regards to the great works and ways of the gracious reality of our Lord God’s infinite and eternal love in our personal and individual salvation experience – we are now ready to address the last scriptural reference from Jer.29:11. We will have to include vs.12-14 for contextual purposes. For there is in this text described a real Cause and Effect reality – on an individual and personal level – that is being pictured! And, in the picture that is being drawn from Jer.29:11-14 — it is the none other than the loving longing of our Lord that is the real Cause. In other words, the “Expectation” of vs.11 is – God’s expected end”. Which in itself works out in becoming that which fulfills in each one of His eternally saved-by-grace children – their prayerful seeking after Him! Hence, this text – in it’s entirety – becomes one of the eternal foundations of a true believer’s real assurance of their eternal standing in Christ.

All that is said in vs.11-14 is sourced in the Omniscience of our eternally loving and saving God. It is His thoughts and His ways – which are not at all our thoughts and our ways [see: Is.55:8-9] – that make up the expectation of our Almighty God who has loved us and done all that is both necessary and required to save us. Which includes all that He, in turn, Causes us to become as being His true children! Because He fulfills His loving longing for us – we, in turn, become all that through Him we (as a result) pray for — hope for – and strive for – even while we are still here in these earthly bodies and circumstances enduring all that is a part of this age of sin and death! We have the Spirit of God – whom – both God the Father and God the Son has sent unto us; and through  whom the Triune God– eternally abides in us(!) [see: Jn.14:16-17,23,26; 15:26].

This is what Phil.1:6 alludes to when it says: Being confident of theis very thing, that He (our Lord God) which hath begun a good work in youwill perform it (or, perfect it) until the day of Jesus Christ.” Likewise, everything in Jer.29:12-14 is the Effect of what the Lord God declares to be true of Himself being the gracious Cause in vs.11. The Spirit of God bears witness unto the spirit of each one of His children that His divine and holy thoughts toward him are all His thoughts of Peace and not of evil. And, that sinner/child receives that gospel of grace message and then cries out “upon the Name of the Lord” to prove that they’re one of His saved ones! [see: Rom.10:13] Then a change of behavior takes over His sinner/child. He begins to seek the Lord in prayer like never before. This is a behavior that takes hold on him and does not let him go. No; instead this behavior becomes even more and more intense. It becomes an unbreakable and holy habit! He longs for the Lord to be in his daily life and walk throughout the struggles of this fallen-in-sin world. He is bound to praying and seeking the Lord until he finds Him and gets ahold of Him and will not let Him go. And why is this victory so certainly to be realized? Even because all of God’s thoughts, intentions and motives are of Peaceand not of evilForever!


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