“It is the Spirit that quickeneth – the flesh profiteth nothing – the words that I speak unto you – are Spirit and are life!” [Jn.6:63]

“…God hath chosen…things which are not – to bring to nought things that are – that no flesh should glory in His presence. (30) But of Him – are ye in Christ Jesus – who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption: (31) that according as it is written – He that glorieth – let him glory in the Lord.” [1Cor.1:29b-31]

“I will cry unto God Most High – unto God – that performeth all things for me. (3) He shall send from heaven and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up! Selah. God shall send forth His mercy and His Truth.” [Ps.57:2-3]

These descriptive statements of holy scripture comprise one of the most explicit declarations of the absolute sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ that there is in all of the Bible! These three texts bring forth — from all of God’s elect unto eternal salvation – a most heartfelt – “Praise the Lord!”.

The first one is from the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself! And, from this text He makes it plain and clear that He – and He alone – is the God of true Spiritual Life which He can simply speak into existence! Think about it – His words are Spirit and are Life!”

The second portion of scripture — from first Corinthians one — boldly declares that our Lord God Almighty has chosen — from the reality of this inglorious world of fallen human flesh – that through the holy glory of His Son, Christ JesusHe has accomplished all the divine requirements for Eternal Salvationfor all of those whom He has chosen and placed in His eternal and onlybegotten Son, Jesus Christ! It is He – and only He – that is our Wisdom and Righteousness and Sanctification and Redemption! This sums it all up quite nicely! What else could any of us needy sinners possibly need. Col.3:11b declares: Christ is all and in all”.

And then from Ps.57:2-3 we have the prophet David descriptively declaring that he will cry “…unto God Most Highunto Godthat performeth all things for me. He shall send from heaven and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up.” Which, ultimately would be that common enemy of the Lord God and all His children – that old devil-serpent Satan!

1Pe.5:8-9 without reservation declares: Be soberbe vigilantbecause your adversary the devilas a roaring lion, walketh aboutseeking whom he may devour: (9) whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” So, then, successful resistance of the devil-serpent Lion is performed through the steadfast performance of the faith of our Lord and Savior! Even – our being led by the Holy Spirit — in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ (see: Ro.8:14 and Gal.2:16)! For we walk by faithnot by sight.” [2Cor.5:7]  Remember, a close relationship and walk with the “Lion of Judah” is the best safekeeping we can have from a growling, bloodthirsty, devil-serpent Lion that seeks to devour us! We are no match for him — but he is no match for Christ, our God! We will look more into these wonderful scriptures and relish more of the wonderful treasures of the Word of God. Praise His Holy Name!

For Christ’s Glory Only! – John Carpenter

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