“Be careful [or, anxious] for nothing — but in everything by prayer and supplication — with thanksgiving — let your requests be made known unto God. (7) And, the peace of God, which passeth all understanding — shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil.4:6-7

This text is indeed a wonderful communication from the Lord unto all of His people. It is more than just an exhortation to them — to not worry — but it describes how it is that they will avoid the worries of this world, or the worries of being in this world. The wasted time worrying and being anxious over the things and the pit falls of this world — is much more wisely spent in prayer — making supplications for the Savior to enter the equation of their experience and deliver them from all their anxieties.

It is said that the Roman warriors of Bible times would intentionally exercise with all their armor on in order to keep their muscles conditioned to being able to move with dexterity in it. In this way, they would be most fit for the fight — when it would happen. Even so does the true believing sinner saved by grace exercise himself rather unto Godliness — so he, too, can be prepared to engage the spiritual battles that ever and always are dreadfully looming about his soul.

It is interesting in contrast to that comparison with the Roman soldiers — that the word so used in 1Ti.4:7 for “exercise thyself rather unto Godliness” — that the warriors for Christ are to do — literally means to practice completely naked where it pertains to Godliness. And, that would be completely naked of self-righteousness and pride and anything remotely related to the boastful thinking self reliance.
What better posture is there for doing this — than the posture one puts themselves in when they pray. Our Lord resists the proud — and gives the victory of grace unto the humble. When the child of God and soldier of the Lord supplicates, or petitions the Lord for anything — they do so in complete humility — understanding their utter unworthiness. We can by Christ’s righteousness come boldly to His throne of grace, but we dare not approach holy and almighty God brashly and presumptively!

Therefore, also, we come before Him “with thanksgiving” — because it is only by His doing that we are even allowed and empowered to do so. And, it is His “peace” that makes it all possible. The “peace of God which surpasses all understanding” — even because it is so undeserved by all those who by grace have been granted it! It took Christ’s coming from eternity into a lost and fallen world — and living and dying and being raised again in order to conquer sin and death — in order to secure peace for all those He came to save. And, this is what guards-as-with-a-garrison the hearts and minds [or, lit., thoughts] of all who are in Christ Jesus! All of whose requests will ultimately center upon this Godly goal. Praise the glorious Name of the Savior!

For Christ’s Glory Only!
John Carpenter

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