(14) But continue thouin the things which thou hast learned (15) …the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvationthrough faith which is in Christ Jesus. (17) that the man of Godmay be perfectthoroughly furnished unto all good works.” [2Tim.3:14,15 & 17]

That ye would walk worthy of Godwho hath called you unto His Kingdom and Glory. (13) For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because when ye received the Word of God which ye heard of usye received it not as the word of menbut as it is in truth, the Word of Godwhich effectually worketh also in you that believe.” [1Thes.2:12-13]

Now the God of peacethat brought again from the dead our Lord Jesusthat Great Shepherd of the sheepthrough the blood of the Everlasting Covenant (21) make you perfect in every good workto do His willworking in you that which is well-pleasing in His sightthrough Jesus Christto whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen!” [Heb.13:20-21]

If the divine purpose of a sinner/child of God – still alive in this worldly flesh – and still traversing through this fallen-in-sin world – is to have a vital and ongoing – or, shall we say, ongrowing  – relationship with the Word of God so that he  may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” – one might ask: How is this even possible?!  Everyone knows that no sinner (and all have sinned and come short of the glory of God) while in this world is perfect. So, how exactly do we possibly fulfill – or, how in the world can we fulfill – this descriptively declared statement that comprises all of 2Tim.3:17?

There’s only one way, dear one – and that’s — through faith (the faith) which is in Christ Jesus!

And, that’s precisely what the last two scripture references from 1Thess. and Heb. point out to us. And, it may be summed up in this way: Only by, Believing, in the Lord Jesus Christ! Let’s take a brief look at these two references one at a time.

  1. 1Thess.2:12-13> Right up front vs.12 begins with the commanding exhortation that we – as being true and genuine children of God – who have – by God’s sovereign grace — received God’s Holy Scriptures by the sovereignty and the personal teaching of the Holy Spirit — would walk worthy of Godwho hath called you unto His Kingdom and Glory. This worthy walkis a walk only by faith in the person and being – of the perfect walk of the Lord Jesus Christ! And for us who are His Believing” in Him is “Believingin the overall reality that He truly is our sovereign Savior/Substitute! His eternally accomplished and totally successful worthy walkwas done on behalf of us for whom He was sent into this world to save! Therefore – in, by and through Him – we are viewed by all of Holy Heaven as He, Himself, is viewed! Hence, through His workwe have been perfected – and thoroughly furnished unto all good worksjust as described in 2Tim.3:17.
  1. He.13:20-21> These two verses list for us nine descriptive declarations concerning God’s all-glorious work in His saving, keeping — instructing and preserving — all of His saved and quickened ones as they live and sojourn through this fallen world. This text makes it clear and plain that if – your soul’s eternal salvation – is not dependent all on Christ – then it’s all wrong! And, right in the middle of the 9 statements is: make you perfect in every good work”. It’s all by His doing – and it’s all being done according to His will –through Jesus Christ! All Praise and Glory unto the Name of the Savior!

For Christ’s Glory Only! -John Carpenter

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