(13) “But Nowin Christ Jesusye who sometimes [or, once werefar off – (lit.) have been made nigh – by [or, in] the blood Christ.(14) For He is our Peace – who hath made both one – and (lit.) having broken down the middle wall of partition {between us}; (15) having abolished in His flesh the enmity, {even} the law of commandments {contained} in ordinances; for to make [or, to create] in Himself {of} twain (lit.) into One New Man – {so} making Peace! (16) And {that} He might Reconcile both unto God in One body – (lit.) through the cross – having slain the enmity thereby:  [or, found therein] (17) And (lit) having come – He preached Peace to you which {were} afar off – and to them that {were} nigh. (18) For through Him – we both have access (lit.) in one Spirit unto the Father. (19) Now therefore – ye are no more strangers and  (lit.) sojourners – but fellow-citizens with the saints – and of the household of God!” [Eph.2:13-19]

The main subject of this particular context of descriptive scripture is the blessed and wonderful pure truth of the gospel of the glory of God’s grace concerning the Reconciliation between Holy God and all His chosen sinner/children (whom He authoritatively includes in the phrase with the saints). For them — this has been accomplished — and is presently being maintained – through the person and work of – the Prince of Peace, Himselfthe Lord Jesus Christ. For the Word of God explicitly declares from 1Jn.4:17: Herein is our love made perfect that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment: because as He isso are wein this world!” This is the pristeen, sin-cleaned standing that we now – by the grace of the faith of Jesus Christ – can right now realize that we have! This is Reconciliation with God – through the eternal accomplishment of our Redemption by Christ Jesus. Through Him – we have been exalted from the dunghill of this sinful world –  into the glory of His wonderful grace. Praise the Savior!

You see, in order for there to be no violation of God’s Holiness – there are certain Godly legal requirements that must be met as far as His sinner/children are concerned before we could be truly Reconciledwith God. If these requirements of God’s law are not met – then our standing before the Lord God – our verdict before His Holy Court – would eternally be guilty! And, our souls would necessarily be lost in our eternal condemnation.

This is precisely why we need a Sovereign Savior Substitute! This is why the eternal Son of God was sent by the Divine three in One – to be incarnated — into the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh. So that – (lit.) The righteous requirements of the Law might be fulfilled in uswho walk not after the fleshbut after the Spirit.” [Rom.8:3-4]  This is why Rom.8:1 announces the pure gospel truth: There is thereforeNowno condemnation to them which arein Christ Jesuswho walk not after the fleshbut after the Spirit.”  It is because – as Eph.1:4 tells us: According as He hath chosen usin Him (i.e. in Christ Jesus) – before the foundation of the worldthat we should be Holyand without blamebefore Him in love.”

This means that yet another grand blessing of God’s grace must come to us through the person and work of Christ, our Substitute – and that is our Justification! We cannot be accepted and approved in our Eternal Reconciliation with Godbefore we are Eternally Justified. 2Co.5:21 must be completely fulfilled as a righteous requirement as well. God made Jesus to be our Substitute! He made Him to become our sin and take our eternal punishment for it. This is the only way for us to be clothed in His eternal perfect righteousness – and be able thereby to be eternally Reconciled with God – (and with all of His Holy Household)! Praise His Eternal Savior Son of God!

For Christ’s Glory Only! – John Carpenter

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