“Yea, and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus – shall suffer persecution. (13) But evil men and seducers – shall wax worse and worse – deceiving and being deceived. (14) But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned – and hast been assured of – knowing of whom thou hast learned them. (15) And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation – through faith which is in Christ Jesus. (16) All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (17) that the man of God –  may be perfect – thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” [2Tim.3:14-17]

“That ye would walk worthy of God – who hath called you unto His Kingdom and Glory. (13) For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because when ye received the Word of God which ye heard of us – ye received it not as the word of men – but as it is in truth, the Word of God – which effectually worketh also in you that believe.” [1Thes.2:12-13]

“Now the God of peace – that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus – that Great Shepherd of the sheep – through the blood of the Everlasting Covenant (21) make you perfect in every good work to do His will – working in you that which is well-pleasing in His sight – through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen!” [Heb.13:20-21]

The Word of God has a definite, all-important place in a true believer’s life and walk through this fallen-in-sin world. In fact, the presence of the gospel truth of God’s Word is really what sets a true sinner/child of God apart from this world’s evil environment. And, it is an environment that is so evil – that it is fraught with “so-called ministers” – who literally, as the Word of God from 2Pe.2:3 says, “…through covetousness shall they with feigned [i.e. molded, artificial and false] wordsmake merchandise of you…”. Which means that they will not only mislead you spiritually but they will do it for the sake of getting your money – your admiration – your time. Nevertheless if we, through the Holy Spirit, prayerfully follow both the admonitions and the exhortations of God’s Word – He will lead us safely through this deceitful and spiritually dangerous world.

Christ is our perfect protective sanctuary – He is our refuge – He is our Light – as we walk through this age of the Valley of the shadow of death. Remember what Jesus says from Jn.8:31-32: If ye continue in my Wordthen are ye my disciples indeed (32) And ye shall know the Truthand the Truth shall make you free!” And, dear ones, the Lord Jesus is the Truth! That is why from vs.36 our Lord goes on to declare: If the Son therefore shall make you freeye shall be free indeed!” May our Lord God ever bless us in fulfilling His own Word’s description of being His true disciples by causing us to continue in our learning – from Him – about Him – in His immut-able and infallible Word! Amen? Amen.

Ps.40:7 has the Holy Spirit of Christ saying: I, Lo, I comein the volume of the Book it is written of me!” And, 2Ti.3:16-17 dogmatically declares that: All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” This means that “All scripture” – is all about Christ! It goes on to say of the instrumentality of the written Word of God in the lives of all of God’s sinner/children, that it is all – profitablefor doctrinefor reprooffor correction” – and then it says: for instruction in righteousness”. There is much that will be said about this verse — and this list of functions that are given — but we want to be sure to tie vs.16 all together contextually with vs.17 – which says: That the man of God may beperfectthoroughly furnished unto all good works.” This is, indeed, a beautiful thing.

For Christ’s Glory Only! – John Carpenter

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