“It is a good thing to give thanks — unto the Lord — and to sing praises — unto thy name, O most High! (2) To show forth thy lovingkindness — in the morning — and thy faithfulness — every night. (4) For thou, Lord — hast made me glad through thy work! I will triumph — in the works of thy hands! (5) O Lord, how great are thy works! And thy thoughts are very deep.” Ps.92:1-2,4 -5”

Isn’t it wonderful — in and through the course of this fallen and cursed world — to experience the continual preservation and provision of the Lord! It just makes you so very thankful that — among all the other fallen and sinful inhabitants of the human race — that you are one of His! It makes you traverse through these days — with a song of praise in your heart — knowing that — in spite of all the struggle and affliction that goes along with living in this cursed world — you are just so happy to be in Jesus — and all the blessings of the victory that He has won on your behalf!

It is then that your life becomes a veritable revelation of His lovingkindness and faithfulness. And, that is the case — both day and night! In times of prosperity and adversity — thankfulness and songs of praise fill your days — because of Him!

That which makes us so glad is His work — that He performs — in and through us. Why – it is in His works — that we truly triumph — as a victor — and shout for joy for their greatness! It is in His works — that we come to exercise — our genuine dependence upon Him — for the provision of His guidance and deliverance.

It is His thoughts toward us — that are what assures us — that we are His — and under His perfect Will and good pleasure! “His thoughts — are very deep” — it says.
Ro.11:33 tells us: “O the depth — of the riches — both — of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable [or, incomprehensible] are His judgments [or, decisions] and His ways [or, means of doing things] past finding out!”

And to think that God the Holy Spirit [whom both God the Father and God the Son have sent unto us — to seal us and to dwell in us — in an eternal covenant union with Him, the One triune God] — has shown (or, has revealed) unto us — a reflection of the riches of His glorious wisdom and knowledge. It is, indeed, unfathomable!

No wonder Ps.139:17 says: “How precious are thy thoughts unto me — O God! How great [or, how mighty] is the sum of them!” His thoughts toward us are not only deep into the riches of His wisdom and knowledge — but they are also of great value to us in that they are — according to Jer.29:11 — “thoughts of peace — and not of evil” — unto the eternal salvation of our souls. Praise His Name!

Truly and indeed, “it is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord! And to sing praises…” unto His wonderful Name!

For Christ’s Glory Only!
John Carpenter