“…I will publish the name of the Lord! Ascribe ye greatness unto our God! (4) He is the Rock! His work is perfect — for all His ways are judgment. A God of truth — and without iniquity! Just and right is He.” Deu.32:3-4 “As for God — His way is perfect! The word of the Lord is tried. He is a buckler — to all those that trust in Him. (31) For who is God — save the Lord? Or, who is a Rock — save our God? Ps.18:30-31

The scripture plainly declares that God’s work is perfect — and the way that He works is perfect. This even includes time. And, if there is one thing that most often — and most severely tries fallen man’s patience — it is God’s timing — but it, too, is perfect.

Take for example the Biblical account of Esther. God’s perfect timing is seen time and time again throughout this wonderful book. The Jews — at this time — were under the earthly rule and government of Ahasuerus, the Persian king. Mordecai, was originally taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar. He brought with his family — Esther — the daughter of his aunt and uncle, who were dead.

The sovereign Lord God ruled perfectly — over all these adversities — to bring this situation to pass.

At just the right time — king Ahasuerus began a personal search throughout his kingdom for a new queen. Therefore, he commanded all the young virgins of his kingdom to gathered up and made presentable to him. As the Lord would have it — Esther is chosen to be his queen. At just the perfect time — Mordecai hears of a plot to kill the king by two of his eunuchs. He tells Esther — who, in turn, tells the king — and the two are arrested and hanged. Then — Haman, the magnificent — who hates Mordecai — plots to rid the king’s entire kingdom of all Jews. He manages to get a law passed — with the king’s consent — to kill all of them. His hatred for Mordecai precipitates the erection of a 50 cubit high gallows — on which he plans to hang Mordecai.

Sovereign God orchestrates His own plan — to deliver His people — through the evil plans of their enemies! His work, His way and His timing is perfect!

For in the mean time, Mordecai and Esther and all the Jews set aside time to seek the Lord through fasting and prayer for their deliverance from an evil government and its evil leaders who had passed its evil laws.

Esther enters the presence of the king unannounced — an act that could easily end up in her death. However, she comes at just the right time — and he extends to her his golden scepter of loving acceptance and approval. He allows her to ask of him whatever she wants. She asks that he and Haman come to a banquet of hers — the very next day. Her requests are granted. Haman is jubilant to do so — thinking this would be the perfect time to get the approval of the king to carry out the law of the land upon Mordecai and all of his people. The king cannot sleep that night — so he has the book of records of his kingdom to be read unto him. In those records it was related how it was Mordecai that discovered and reported the plot that was abated against the king’s life. The king naturally wanted to show his great appreciation — so he consulted with Haman — asking him what should be done unto the man in whom the king delighted to bestow great honor. Haman thought for sure — he was talking about him — so he suggested putting on the man the king’s royal garb and allowing him to ride upon his horse through the streets of the city while one went before him proclaiming that this shall be done unto the man whom the king delights to honor! The king said that’s a great idea! Do this thing unto Mordecai! Haman had to do what the king commanded — and he was mortified.

The king and Haman attend Esther’s banquet. Esther exposes Haman’s plot behind the new law of kingdom — that were designed to kill her — and all her people. The king is enraged against Haman — does away with the law — and hangs him on the very gallows that he built in order to kill Mordecai.

The word of God proves to prevail by which is written from Ps.146:9-10 which says: “the way of the wicked — He turneth upside down! (10) The Lord shall reign forever — even thy God, O Zion, unto all generations! Praise ye the Lord! And, this becomes the perfect pattern and paradigm of God’s perfect work — perfect way — and perfect timing in effecting the deliverance of His people — His children — throughout the history of their generations. Praise His Name!

– For Christ’s Glory Only!
John Carpenter

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