At this time of year the campground begins to reflect the aura of a majestic beauty that is simply breath taking! The changing colors of the leaves — the cooling temperatures of the evening — bring in a season and a time for us to meditate and to ruminate what our Lord has done in His ministry here at Camp Del-Haven. We have so very much to thankful for! For over 60 years — He has sustained us — and He continues to do so. Praise His Name!

Our banquet this last month was truly blessed by the Lord. We had many first hand reports from the front lines through our staff and board members. They brought forward current news of our ongoing needs — and some of the experiences and happenings of this last summer. We were especially glad to be able to welcome some of you who came — who have been prayerfully supporting us from our beginning — but have never (until now) been to one of our annual banquets. Thank you for coming! You don’t know what an encouragement to us it really is that you did so. And, thank you for your continuing prayerful support.

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