Well, dear friends and family in Christ, we are officially in the count down to when we will begin having our “work Saturdays” all the way up to June – when we start our season of camps. Once again, the list of things that we need to get done will be extreme – but our Lord God will guide us.  And, once again, we implore your faithful prayers that all will go well and the 2020 season of Camp Del-Haven will get off to another beautiful beginning!

In praying for our preparation of the campgrounds – please remember to seek our Lord’s intercession in whom He wills to send to camp as far as the camper boys and girls are concerned. At the start of each camp session I try to address the children and – right up front – I tell them that each and everyone of them is there as an answer to prayer. I want them to know that God is in control and we have prayed for all of them in advance. The ones who have been here before and are coming back to Del-Haven for another camp – as well as those who are here for the first time. God willing, this will lay a firm foundation for what they can expect throughout the week. Please support us in your faithful prayers for them.  

Theresa and I were in Wal-Mart just the other day — and there was Hannah R., one of our faithful regulars on the girls staff. She was with her mother getting some groceries. We greeted each other with hugs and I cheerfully asked, “Are you going to be able to help us again this coming summer?” To which she gave a hearty positive reply. Here again, is another testimony of encouragement from our forever faithful sovereign God who knows our needs even before we ask Him! Nevertheless, please continue to pray for our Lord’s supply of male and female staff members – as it is subject to change at any moment. The Lord, Himself, is our Rock where those whom we will have each year on our staff is concerned. We are all willing volunteers for Jesus (see Ps.110:3) – Praise His Name!

We have some good news to give! Two of the most critical buildings that were targeted for needing new roofs (our Restroom/Shower House Building and our Craft Building) quite unexpectedly were completely tended to and totally done! Thanks to Fidler On The Roof KC. They were on the ball, thorough and efficient. The shingles they used are warranted for 30 years! Praise the Savior! Now we don’t have to worry about those buildings being uninsured. Thanks for your prayers with us, also, in this regards.

One of our male staff members who is returning this summer would like to take a certified lifeguard training course.  We need $325 to cover the expense for this training.  Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the extra funds to be able to cover this expense as it will fill a great need in caring for the safety of all of our campers/staff.


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