A Word From The 2014 Staff Journal
Here are two excerpts from the 2014 camp journal that are particularly profound:

1. “I am not a counselor — and I haven’t been for a long time — but at one time many years ago, I was. Now I serve on the Board for Del-Haven and help out behind the scenes. I wanted each counselor to know how important they are in the lives of these children. Keep up the good work — and keep searching for the truth. It is a lifelong journey — one I have come to love. It is the favorite part of my life on this earth — and when I can speak of my God to others…well, it makes it all worth it! I can’t control who believes — or, when — but, He can! Just never think that you don’t matter, because all of you do. I pray for each of you everyday. Keep up the good work and may God give you the words that speak to each of these children and that opens their eyes.
All my love in Christ, Mary Ann Palmer” [Mary is the daughter of one of our male campers who attended Del-Haven as a camper in the 1960s’. She also was at one time a camper who grew up and eventually worked on staff with us. She and her husband, Shawn, are now on the Board of Directors with out ministry. Please pray for them]

2. “A crazy week of camp is over. We had temps in the 90s’ this week, but it felt hotter. Boat races were cancelled. Cabins 1 and 3 had it hard with ‘mouthy’ campers, and overall — the girls didn’t listen well. It tested our patience.
Last night after campfire — I sat down at around 11:20ish on the cabin floor to read my Bible out loud for night-time devotions. Areyonna asked Lydia and I a question — and her and Kaylee proceeded to continue asking us questions until we stopped at 12:30ish. They wanted to know how God exactly chooses and saves us — what heaven is like — and why God does things a certain way(?). Areyonna is concerned for her Dad, who is in prison — and Kaylee, who had never heard anything about God before, wants her drug addicted Mom to know Jesus and go to heaven. The stories of what they go through everyday in their lives broke my heart. Weeping — they both seem scared for themselves and their family member’s souls. I pray that Christ would draw them to Himself and that they prove to be His chosen ones. Quell their fears, Lord! Shower them with understanding! Kendle”

These two entries from our 2014 camp journal reflect the ongoing battles and blessings that are impacted by your persistent prayers and ongoing support. Thank you — from the bottom of our hearts! Please continue to do so. We love you all!

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