Here is yet another very touching journal entry from last summer by Kendle:

2nd Boys and Girls week 2015
Jason, Amelia, Kenny, Hylee, Aiden, Royal, Amelia A., Ava, Montae…names of a few kids here this week. I love seeing kids like Jason come back year after year, growing in maturity, learning to love Jesus and His Word; excited for Bible Study, ready to memorize God’s Word. The kids — needing instruction in loving each other the right way and turning from sin. That’s all important. Some have never known their parents since they’ve been in jail — since the kid was born; or, others feel the loss of a parent by murder. All need to see Christ’s mercy and grace in their own lives so they can be saved and practice mercy towards others. Guide them to your Word with understanding. Teach them to pray to you as their greatest need and friend. Show them life eternal, and “who are His”. Keep them safe and grow them in their relationship with you. Thank you, Lord, for Camp Del-Haven! It is near the most dearest place on earth to me. So many wonderful years out here and I will never forget all I’ve learned and all I’ve loved here. Bless Del-Haven, Lord. Kendle

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