Here are appropriate entries from last year’s journal:

08/03/15 “I am sitting in the kitchen waiting for the campers to arrive. This week there are 12 boys scheduled to be here for this session. I have been praying for each one of them as they have been preparing to come here this week. I just found out that Mr. Carpenter accidentally locked his keys in the van, so I’ll have to wait a while longer to meet these kids [whoops!]. I am praying that God opens their ears to listen and their hearts to receive His word.” Isaac R.
08/05/15 “There is an old song titled “God Speaks To Little Boys While They Are Fishing”. We used that song in part of our program when we were trying to raise money to redo the lake. This evening we took the boys fishing. Nathan wanted to catch a fish so bad! Mr. Carpenter was helping him for a while and he prayed “Lord, help this boy catch a fish.” About 10 minutes later he finally caught one. John was getting ready to leave, but he called back to Nathan: “Thank the Lord for letting you catch a fish!” Nathan was overwhelmed…and overjoyed about catching his fish, but I did hear him mumble very lowly: “Thank you”. Nathan is 13 this year and will be allowed to back next year as an LTS (Learning To Serve) helper. Lord, I thank you for continuing to send Nathan to camp for so many years. I pray that you will use this time as an opportunity to draw him to yourself, by your grace and through the power of your word and for your glory alone!”
08/06/15 “I just watched the campers leave on the bus. Nine boys were able to attend and I am so glad that they did. I pray that the spiritual seeds that were planted will grow and mature in the Lord. This has been another great camp season and I hope to come back for another one.” Isaac R.

We hope you do, too, Isaac! Please pray for Isaac as he has been a real God sent asset to our staff. He is a real talented and mature young man. God is using him.

Pray for us, dear ones, and we will pray for all of you. Prayer is the best support that we can possibly give to one another. Pray that our Lord continues to sustain and support Camp Del-Haven – for His glory to the furtherance of His Kingdom.

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