This is the time of year that we spend much time in prayerful seeking for the Lord to go before us in preparing for the coming camp season. Please be faithful in doing same thing. Pray for campers and staff alike. That the Lord our God will send us both — to the glory of the presentation of His gospel. Pray, also, for the continual supply of everything that we will need in order to stay in operation. And, please continue to pray for the retirement of the debt we yet owe to the bank. We are making progress. It is just seems to be — not very fast. The current balance is $53,676.82.

We earnestly pray for these things — and we also pray for you. That God will bless you — and meet all your needs. And, we pray for you — that you, too, will be in prayer for these things for us — with us. God be praised!

Remember — prayer is used of the Lord in the accomplishment of His will and purpose for the furtherance of the glory of the purity of His gospel. The gospel of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ — the only Sovereign Savior Substitute — that ever was, is or ever will be! “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my Name — that will I do — that the Father may be glorified in the Son. (14) If ye shall ask anything in my Name –
I will do it!” Jn.14:13-14

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