To inform you all of just where we are financially — we ended 2016 and have begun 2017 in arrears $53,444.72. Our present arrangement with the bank is one of having to make at least an interest payment on the outstanding balance each month. That is an amount of around 200 to 250 dollars a month. We were able reduce our loan principle by $100 last month. This goes slowly because this expense is over and above our regular expenses each and every month. Plus, we have two other very necessary projects on our list that include a much needed renovation of our kitchen and rest room facilities. We have established a separate account with the bank just for the specific funds to meet the expenses of both these tasks. We feel that we need the rest room redone before the kick off of the 2017 camp season. The amount we need for the rest room renovation has not yet been nailed down, but it looks as if it will run about $4000. Please be in prayer with us about the meeting of this need.

As always, please be in prayer for all the children that we have already ministered to and, as well, the ones that the Lord will be sending new to us in 2017. We are already receiving applications for this summer’s camp sessions. And, please be praying for the Lord’s choice where our staff is concerned. We had a wonderful summer this last year and want the Lord’s leading again for this year.

Thank you for being there. We love you and we pray for our Lord’s blessing upon you all!

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