Well, dear friends and fellow-supporters, the 2014 Del-Haven camp season came to a conclusion on a very high note! The Lord blessed us with not only a good summer — but an especially good last camp. It was an older boys camp (age 9-12) and everyone was so well behaved that we couldn’t give out a single best camper award — like we do at the end of every camp session. Therefore — we ended up giving all the boys a best camper award! This is because they all were truly a great group of young men. Praise the Lord! So, when you pray for us — thank our Lord Jesus in a special way for our last camp. We have more than one good candidate for our LTS (Learning To Serve) Program — from where we hope future staff and counselor help will come.

The whole summer of camps was good. From our camp journal — our very first camp session has some insightful entries — some of which include:
“After teaching the same Bible studies year after year after year, I felt like they needed something fresh and new. I spent some time trying to change my second Bible study — about the crucifixion. However, I just kept going right back to the same “old” stuff. So, that is what I taught. At our campfire testimony time — there were a few testimonies about what they learned, or enjoyed about that Bible study. Thank you, heavenly Father, for the encouragement.” [Sounds like the hymn, “Tell Me The Old, Old Story”]

“Session 1 — June 16-19 — Little Kids
Great week! We had only 7 girl campers and 6 boy campers total — so, because the counselor-to-camper ratio was almost one-to-one — we were able to really get to know them well. The girls were singing “Everlasting Love” at the pool, and jumping in at “deeper than the sea”– except they said, “deeper than the pool”. They were very attentive in Bible study. I pray the Lord would fill them with the Holy Spirit in their understanding of the scripture that they learned. More than just words — make it to be “living and active” — a light shining truth and joy into every moment of the day! Lord, challenge them to see their sin clearer — convict them of their need for your forgiveness, and comfort them with your everlasting love that gives purpose to the most floundering soul. I’m so blessed to be here! Kendle L. [Thank you, Lord — for, Kendle]

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