A real need that we face is in regard to our Cabin 1 which has been invaded by mice. We need twelve new mattresses to replace what the little varmints have done! Each mattress will cost us right at $100. This is an expense over and above our regular operating expenses…so please bear this specific petition up to our Lord with us. Again, we thank you for doing so.

As we draw nearer and nearer to camp time in June, please remember to continue to pray for the children whom the Lord will intentionally send our way to fill up our camp sessions. Pray that they will be given ears to hear the truth of the gospel of God’s free grace through the quickening of the Holy Spirit. And, pray as earnestly for the ones that He sends to us to work with us on staff. These are the brave soldiers that will be right on the front line, day and night, with the children. They urgently need our prayer support!

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