Wow! What a February we have just survived! We had more snow than ever before in our history. We got 10 to 12 inches from the first snow — and then another 12 to 15 inches the second time! Needless to say — we were “snowed in”. I prayed that the Lord would keep us in electricity — that our pipes would not freeze up — and that our roofs would not cave in — and in all those things — He heard and answered. But, I neglected to mention our telephones and/or email sources of communication. And, wouldn’t you know — we ended up with no means of communicating at all — with the outside world. Not even the mail man was making it out here! This persisted for three days — and then we cried unto our Lord — that if He was willing to do so — to restore our ability to communicate. And, He did. Finally — we seem to be getting completely free from this recent bout of severe weather. What we need now — is rock on the roads. This record snow is going to, in turn — produce a muddy mess to have to travel through in order to get in and out of here. But, in due time — the Lord will provide even in this predicament.

Praise and thanks unto the Lord — our need for mattresses in the dorm has been wonderfully met! Once again — God proves faithful to His Word: “He will be very gracious unto thee — at the voice of thy cry — when He shall hear it — He will answer thee.” Is.30:19

As we continue, dear ones, to move closer to camp time — please continue to pray for our staff and camper response — as always. This world — and “the god of this world” — constantly show that they are the enemy of the person and work of the “Captain of our salvation”. But — Praise His Name — He continually shows just how much the effectual fervent prayer of His people — does truly prevail in performing the accomplishment of His will — unto His glory! What a privilege we have — to be an active participant — in true Spirit led prayer — and God’s eternal achievements.

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