Well, dear ones, here we still are – in a stand still state — as far as moving forward into a regular camp season. Please pray with us that the Lord will lead all of us into being free – once and for all – from the fear and restrictive regulatory mandates of the pandemic! Saturday, the third, was to be our first work day in our normal preparation agenda for having our 2021 summer camps! Unfortunately, as long as the present restrictions are in place upon us – our normal operation as a camp continues to be prevented. We will, however – Lord willing — make a shift like we did last year and invite whole family groups to come out and allow them to go through a day of Del-Haven Camp activities (including swimming, fishing, outdoor recreation, crafts and of course Bible Study Time). And, as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted — we will try to put together a regular camp session(s) – as the Lord leads.

There’s nothing too hard – or, wonderful – for our Lord!  [See: Jer.32:27] Praise His Name! Let’s together diligently seek Him to guide us – provide for us – protect us – and prosper us — in this worthy evangelistic endeavor! All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please do not forget to pray for all the children that have comeand that want to cometo camp.  And, Please pray for all the young people who volunteer to serve on our staff. They all suffer from all of this negative impact on our not being able to have regular camp sessions. The annual practice of the good and Godly habit of being at Del-Haven during the summer months has been prevented from its performance. The longer this is allowed, the more difficult it is to resume! A great deal of what the Lord has done with His ministry here has been manifested in the fact that over the six plus decades we have existed – we have seen a ministry of the gospel of the glory, only, of Christ — grow into being generational in its capacity and its outreach. Please pray with us that thisby God’s will and good pleasurebe allowed to effectually continue.

We have been – and are – encouraged by the showing of your faithful and prayerful support of Del-Haven. The upkeep of this place always presents unexpected challenges, such as the water heater in the dining hall that needs to be replaced – but our Lord ever demonstrates His hearing and answering our prayers! Praise His Name! Your faithful, prayerful support is the tangible evidence of this “Truth as it is in Jesus”. We love and pray for all of you.


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