Well, dear ones, we have successfully completed our 65th year of  Del-Haven camps. We can truly say that the Lord has brought us this far – by faith. Every prayer that as been – by the leading of the Holy Spirit – to be prayed – by all of you and by all of us – has been the true spiritual resource of strength, sustenance and preservation. We continually thank our Lord for all of you and every aspect of support that you have been led to provide. We truly do love you all!

 Please be in continual prayer for all the children that the Lord sent to us this summer – and for all the staff that He, also, sent to help us. As long as we are in this fallen world – we need to be praying for one another! Not only is it a testimony of our love for one another – but it is a testimony of the fact that we truly are in God’s precious family. Jesus says: Men ought always to prayand not to faint.” [Lk.18:1]

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