Dear ones, let us keep one another in our fervent prayers as this “virus thing” continues to un-fold. It, too, is of this fallen and cursed world – so it, too — is also only temporary! This world is the last semblance of the wicked empire of Satan. It is here and now that he is allowed to exercise and execute his murderous and lying authority. But, our Sovereign Lord and Savior is supreme in authority! He reigns over all! He is in complete control even over the devil! He is in complete loving control over us! Praise His Name! Let us pray that we – by His great grace – will continue to put all our trust in Him! The Word of God says from Jer.17:5: Cursed be the man that trusteth in manand maketh flesh his armand whose heart departeth from the Lord.” Whereas Vs.7  of this same context boldly declares: Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lordand whose hopethe Lord is!”

We have had some really good response to our invitations to families that have come out to experience the activities that are included in a day of camp. It has been wonderful to be able to declare the gospel unto parent and child alike. We had a wonderful time discoursing with one of the fathers! He has had a rough past life, but now he also demonstrates a marvelous testimony for Christ! Please be in prayer for this man. His name is Jason.

Please continue to pray for our staff of young helpers — and, of course, for all of the children.

We had only one family that had to back out of coming due to illness – please lift them up to the Lord with us.

We love you for continuing to prayerfully support us through this time. Let us persevere in loving God and trusting in Him who works all things out for our good – according to His eternal purpose and grace.

This month we wanted to share with you some of the letters we have received from campers in response to our summer newsletters.  We definitely have missed them and treasure the little notes they have written to us.

Dear Camp Del-Haven, My favorite thing to do out at camp was swimming and eating the good breakfast.  Also, I liked to clean the cabin. – Darionna

Dear Camp Del-Haven, I was looking forward to attending camp for the first time this year, but since Covid-19 I can’t.  I hope next summer I can. – Darielle

Dear Camp Del-Haven, I miss you Camp Del-Haven.  I really want to come back, but I can’t because of the virus. – Norah

Dear Camp Del-Haven, What I like about camp is swimming, fishing, singing, breakfast, dinner, and most of all, you guys, and everything.  Love you guys. I really, really do miss you. –  Lillian

As summer ends, these children will be heading back to school.  Whether they will be returning to school in person or virtually, there will be challenges for them and their families. Please be in prayer with us for the dear children to whom we minister.  Our camper newsletters have focused on the presence and power of God.  May they be more and more aware of a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for them in every situation.



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