Well, dear ones, we have officially completed our 67th season of Del-Haven camps. Praise our Lord and Savior! The Lord definitely blessed us this year…as He always does! It is wonderful to witness His faithful provision – preservation – and especially His presence and power. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christfor it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes.”

After every one of our summer camp seasons, we encourage you to – please remember to pray for the campers that the Lord sent to us – and the staff help that participated in this evangelistic ministerial endeavor. Your prayers for us are much needed! We love to hear that you are praying for us. I am certain that prayer is the appointed means that God has — ordained from eternity – to maintain His constant presence and power – and to provide and preserve this – His work. This is the evidence of His matchless grace in keeping us going all these 6+ decades!

We want to make a special request for your prayers for a 12 year old boy that was a part of our last camp session of this season. His name is, Harley. Harley lives with his Aunt. His father is in prison for dealing drugs. Harley’s mom – he really doesn’t know where she is. All he knows is she was pulled over by the police and in resisting them from searching her car (because she had drugs in it) she struck a police officer. Most likely she, too, is in jail. This young man needs our earnest prayers. He learned all the memory verses — and he heard the gospel every day at camp – and he indicated very strongly that he wants to come back next year. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will use the planted Word as only He can do in quickening and regenerating him – for the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise His Name!

Beloved friends, we wish to give special recognition to the passing away of 95 year old,  Wilma Flansburg. She was the  mother of Gary and Joyce Flansburg – who are members of Strasburg Union Church – a strong and a longtime supporter of the ministry of Camp Del-Haven. Those that have known Wilma – at Gary and Joyce’s authorization – may give a donation to Del-Haven in her memory. We thank and praise the Lord for what they have done.

As always – Thank you, dear ones, for your continual prayerful support of this ministry. We love you — and we pray for all of you.


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