We hope and pray for all of you, dear ones, that this special time of year will be filled with a worshipful celebration of our most wonderful Savior and Lord. I hope you all receive this prayer letter better than what happened with our Thanksgiving letter. It was mailed in more than enough time to reach you all before Thanksgiving, but ended up just sitting in the Kansas City post office – completely ignored and unprocessed. I am so sorry that turned out the way that it did. Please pray with us that this doesn’t happen again. Nevertheless, we can rejoice that our sovereign God’s timing is, also, always perfect. It’s things like this that are just another reminder of where we are in this fallen world.

The work on our showerhouse and rest rooms is going to be delayed until the weather once again warms back up. That particular building is not heated. Still, things are going very well on the project. In the mean time, the men can put their concentration on the kitchen where we do have heat year round. Lord willing, we will be getting the rest of the cabinets for the kitchen before the end of this month. So we will have something to report on the work in regards to that project in our next newsletter. Please continue to pray that these much needed projects will reach their completion just the way that our Lord has purposed and willed. Thank you so much for being there – praying us through all these matters.

Don’t forget to remember all the children and staff that have been so much a part of the ministry here at Del-Haven. We need to nurture the good seed of the Word of God that has been sown in their hearts with our prayers. Remember – it is prayer that accomplishes what God intends to get done. Prayer paves the path of the Truth of God’s Word to perfect and perform the will of the Savior. Prayer is a wonderful way to demonstrate our love for God – and for each other. We sincerely love you all and thank our Lord for you and seek from Him to continue to provide, protect and guide you. May God richly bless you.


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