Well here we are — another year has grown old and passed away forever – and the beginning of a new year is right upon us. The history of the ministry of Camp Del-Haven continues to unfold. For this purpose, we continue to solicit your ever faithful prayers for our Lord’s continual provision and wise guidance and protection. Your prayers are the most valuable contribution to the sustainment and subsistence of this pure gospel endeavor.

Please remember to pray for our camper boys and girls. Pray for their protection from the Evil One – and their progress in the growth and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. And, also pray for all the young men and women that continue to commit their time and attention to be on our frontline staff. All of our prayers – in accordance with the truth of God’s Word – are what He has willed to bring to pass His perfect will and good pleasure and glory in the midst of this fallen world (see Eph. 3:18-20).

We wish to thank all of you who continue to respond with such love to our informing you of our needs for additional help in meeting the rising costs where our expenses are concerned. We continue to lift you and all your needs up before our God as well. We truly do love you – we care about you all. Let us continue to trust in our Lord – together – for all our needs! He is the faithful Savior! Amen? Amen!

Well everyone have a wonderful and soul enriching time with your families – as you honor this special time of year celebrating His coming into the history of our fallen world – to save us from our sins. Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!


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