Dear ones, the Psalmist is inspired to write from Ps.116:17: I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgivingand will call upon the Name of the Lord!” And, we certainly do have much thanks that we need to give unto our Lord for His answers to our prayers!


The Lord has answered our prayers for brother, Pastor Larry Tennant of Pleasant Grove Bible Church! He is back at home and making real positive progress — having survived a severe stroke. He was able to attend church and even to walk (with his wife, Mary Ann, at his side) to the front of the church and read a Psalm! Praise the Lord! Let’s continue to lift them both up before our Lord for his full recovery!

Also, Samuel Waghmare – a 21yr. old college student – and missionary/pastor Prem Waghmare’s son – was shot seven times in an attempted car jacking incident. However, he has – by the grace of our Savior God (in answer to our prayers) not only survived the attempted murder, but is also back at home with his family! Please put him on your prayer list for his continued recovery as well. None of us are finished in this world – until God says so!

Please put our Sheri D. on your prayer list. She has recently been diagnosed with the Covid as well – and is currently having to go through the mandatory period of quarantine. We need to pray that she comes through this without incident.

Then there’s the report of the status with Jeff’s parents, Jerry and Marsha Hall, (who served faithfully on Del-Haven’s Board of Directors for many decades). Both were in the hospital at the same time having been diagnosed with the virus. Our Lord has seen fit for Jerry to have recovered enough to be back home – thanks to the Lord – whereas, our dear sister, Marsha, has gone on to be with the Lord. Please continue to lift Jerry up to Lord for His Holy Spirit’s wonderful comfort and strengthening at this time. May the peace of God – rule his heart and mind.

Ps.116:15 says: Precious in the sight of the Lordis the death of His saints.” The blood of Christ is described as being “Precious” – for by it we have been redeemed and cleansed from all of our sins [see 1Pe.1:19; 1Jn.1:7]; the gift of God’s grace of Faith to believe in the Lord Jesus is described as being “Precious” [see 2Pe.1:1]; and here in Ps.116 – when all of our times finally come to an end – God has declared and made all of our passings away from this sin and trouble filled world – to be Precious in His sight. Praise His Wonderful Name!

Of course, in all of your praying, please remember all the Del-Haven campers — and our faithful staff workers and helpers. And, please be praying that we can, once again, have regular camp this year.  Dear friends and family in Christ – you all know – that we all need one another’s continual prayers for support as we follow our Savior through this rugged wilderness of a world. So, let us continue to persevere in our praying for one another! We love you all!


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