Well, dear friends and family-in-Christ, as we are putting this prayer letter together – there is once again an icey layer all over the limbs of the trees as well as the campgrounds and the roads. Both driving and just walking around in these kind of conditions is precarious – to say the least!

O Lord please keep us all safe and sound through this adverse weather!

We wish to give all praise and glory to our wonderful Lord for the fact that He has caused the final touches in the completion of our new kitchen to come to fruition! The men skilled in installing the granite counter tops have made it out to the camp and have done an exemplary job! We pray the Lord’s blessing upon Don and Mark for their fine workmanship. The new Del-Haven kitchen looks absolutely fabulous! Our God is indeed so great and so good!

Also, the response of love gifts to Del-Haven in memory of the passing of our dear brother, Steve Mason, have been extraordinary. We thank our Savior for all those who have lovingly remembered Steve in this manner. We still want to encourage everyone to continue to remember to pray for Sherry’s comfort and keeping and provision as well.

With the renovation that has been done on the Camp’s restroom facilities – and the new kitchen that we now have – it’s going to be interesting to see what our Lord God has in store for us in the up and coming 2019 season of camps. For this reason we really need your persistent prayers for all the boys and girls that the Lord is going to send to camp this year. We printed out our 2019 schedule of camps in last month’s newsletter, but you can always find it on our website at www.campdelhaven.org – check it out.

Please remember to seek the Lord with us for His choice in whomever we have serving on our staff. Don’t forget – we especially need good male helpers! Thank you for your faithful, loving prayers for us. They mean so very much to us…we love and pray for all of you as well.

2018 giving receipts were mailed out the last week in January 2019.  If you notice any errors or you did not receive one, please contact us.


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