Praises and Prayer Requests for January

Dear ones, it is with bitter/sweet emotions that I report to you of the passing into glory of another of the Del-Haven family. Dr. Steve Mason went to be with the Lord on December 28, 2018. He was a loved and dear friend of mine (and of our whole family). Steve and his wife, Sherry, served on our Board of Directors — as well as always being faithful supporters of the ministry. Steve was first of all – a Christian – who happened to also be an excellent chiropractor – one of the best! We have many blessed memories of our dear brother in Christ.  Please, dear family-in-Christ, remember especially — to pray for Sherry in this season of sadness and worldly adjustment — that only the comfort of the Holy Spirit can lead her gently and safely through. Thank you in advance for doing so.

As always, may we remind you to be in prayer for our staff helpers? Please pray for those we know are returning – and for those that we need for the Lord to lead unto us (especially male helpers). The number of our staff help directly determines the number of campers we can accommodate. These are the ones on the front line in the spiritual battle where the souls of the children are concerned. This is an ongoing need.

Special thanks to those of you who have specifically responded to the mattress cover expense. For this – we say – Praise the Lord!

Jeff and I discovered a couple of trees that we needed to trim and take down. The degree of difficulty in accomplishing this task was more than we could handle. So we prayed for the Lord to help us. A few days later I got a knock on the door and it was a young man who told me he was with a new tree service – and he was going from house to house seeing if there were any trees that people needed help with. I asked him if he could follow me and led him to the trees that were a threat to Jeff’s home. We had just received a gift that was the exact amount for what they announced would take care of our tree problem. Again, Praise the Lord! He always is eternally faithful and true!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving the Lord with us this summer, please have them call Sheri at 816-690-8465 or email for more information.

2019 Summer Camp Schedule

Session Dates
1 6-8 Boys and Girls June 17-20
2  9-12 Girls June 24-27
3 9-12 Boys July 8-11
4 6-8 Boys and Girls July 15-18
5 9-12 Girls July 22-25
6 9-12 Boys July 29-Aug.1


2018 giving receipts will be mailed out before the end of January 2019.  If you notice any errors or you do not receive one, please    contact us.


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