Well, dear ones, this old sinful world has turned yet another annual page in the history of its passing away. [see: 1Jn.2:15-16] According to our sovereign Lord’s eternal and immutable purpose and decree — Del-Haven Ministry will be conducting its 68th camping season of proclaiming the pure truth of the gospel of the glory, only, of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our very existence for this particular purpose is, indeed, a real testimony of our Lord’s faithfulness in graciously guiding, providing and preserving us. And, all of you who have been moved to prayerfully support us in whatever way that you have – God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love which ye have showed toward His Namein that ye have ministered to the saintsand do minister.” [He.6:8]

All of us here at Del-Haven want to — once again — thank all of you for being there and praying for us like you do. We love you, dearly, and we constantly pray for all of you as well!

Having said all of that – may we remind you to not forget to lift up in your prayers our ongoing staff situation – along with all of the many boys and girls that our Lord sends to camp each summer. We are always in need of many prayers for those whom the Lord sends to us to help work through the camp schedule with the children and communicate directly to them the Word of God’s great grace. And, we are always in need of God’s people to pray for Him to nurture the children that go through the scripture memory classes and the devotions after every meal and the daily Bible classes. Pray that God – as only He can do – will reveal Himself to them and lead them in their walk through this dreadful world. We have seen how our wonderful Lord hears and answers our prayers in His doing exactly that! So, please, dear ones, do remember to pray for us.

There are a total of 14 building structures on Del-Haven. After an inspection by our insurance company – there is some need for building maintenance throughout the whole camp. Some of the needed upkeep is urgent or our insurance company will not insure the buildings. The roofs on our Craft Building and our Restroom/Shower House Building need to be completely replaced. We have had a roofing company also do an inspection — and they can do a really good and thorough job on these two buildings for $4,910. As only the Lord could do – we somehow were able to get remodeled our Dining Hall Kitchen – and re-wired the whole building – put new shower stalls in the Restroom/Shower House Building – and still ended up with $4,191 left over from what was generously donated to do all of this wonderful work! So, we only need $719 and we can take care of the roofs of these two buildings and be back in good standing with our insurer. Please be in prayer with us, and for us, to be able to get this accomplished. Thank you and God bless you all.


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